path: root/linaro_image_tools/media_create/__init__.py
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-17Third run of pep8 fixes.Stevan Radakovic
2012-12-05Added command line options to l-a-m-c.Milo Casagrande
2012-10-22Re-applied common logging infrastructure.Milo Casagrande
2012-10-20Revert the use of common logging infrastructure.Fathi Boudra
2012-10-04Added debug option to linaro-media-create.Milo Casagrande
2012-10-01Added default bootloader to option help.Milo Casagrande
2012-07-26Fixed name for --dev option.Milo Casagrande
2012-07-25Merged in changes from Milo. Removed unneeded --board argumentJames Tunnicliffe
2012-07-25Added option check.Milo Casagrande
2012-07-25Wired up command line parameters that should allow board and bootloader selec...James Tunnicliffe
2012-07-25renamed u_boot_in_boot_part to bootloader_file_in_boot_part.James Tunnicliffe
2012-07-25Added initial work for hwpack metadata probing.Milo Casagrande
2012-06-13Fix line-too-longs in android_boards.py.Danilo Segan
2012-06-13Remove trailing whitespace.Danilo Segan
2012-06-07PEP8: Fix W293 blank line contains whitespace and W391 blank line at end ofLoïc Minier
2012-06-07PEP8: Fix E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 1.Loïc Minier
2012-04-18Moved defaulting of args.device into ArgumentParser set up.James Tunnicliffe
2012-04-18Renamed --directory option to --output-directory. Set default file name for a...James Tunnicliffe
2012-04-17--directory can now be specified at the same time as --image-file. If --direc...James Tunnicliffe
2012-04-16Patch from https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-image-tools/+bug/962147James Tunnicliffe
2012-01-19Add the new code to l-a-m-c as well.Mattias Backman
2012-01-17Add reading boot args from file.Mattias Backman
2012-01-16Add command line option to add to boot args.Mattias Backman
2011-10-19Fix a comment typo.Mattias Backman
2011-10-19Add qemu-arm-static version to l-m-c and l-a-m-c --version output.Mattias Backman
2011-10-12Swap places for the dash and underscore option aliases so that the ones with ...Mattias Backman
2011-10-12Add aliases for command line options using dashes instead of underscores.Mattias Backman
2011-10-03Enable -v and get version from __version__.pyMattias Backman
2011-08-19Change --rootfs default to ext4.Mattias Backman
2011-08-18Up the default image size to 3G.James Westby
2011-06-17Updated variable name to match CLI option: nocheck_mmcJames Tunnicliffe
2011-06-17* Changed command line option from --yes-to-mmc-selection to --nocheck-mmcJames Tunnicliffe
2011-06-15Add command line option to force yes to the "Are you 100% sure on selecting [...James Tunnicliffe
2011-05-26Add --image_size option too.Mattias Backman
2011-05-26Add --image_file option to linaro-android-media-createMattias Backman
2011-04-27Optionally check signatures on hwpacks and images.James Westby
2011-04-26Make signature list default be empty list to avoid having to check for None.Mattias Backman
2011-04-21Make checking signatures optional.Mattias Backman
2011-04-21Exit if gpg signature or archive hash cannot be verified.Mattias Backman
2011-04-18generate boot.scr in android boot partitionjeremy.chang@linaro.org
2011-04-12Create separate config classes for androidjeremy.chang@linaro.org
2011-04-11Introduce boottarball to android to replace the roottarballjeremy.chang@linaro.org
2011-04-01Add android_board_configs to indicate the supported boards for androidjeremy.chang@linaro.org
2011-03-31Add a EXPERIMENTAL banner for linaro-android-media-createjeremy.chang@linaro.org
2011-03-30Clean up the android codejeremy.chang@linaro.org
2011-03-23Shuffle modules to be under the same hierarchy:Loïc Minier