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authorNicolas Dechesne <>2017-04-20 12:00:51 +0200
committerNicolas Dechesne <>2017-04-20 12:11:00 +0200
commitb7f8b94203a39304215e546543d8d451fda02458 (patch)
parent1ed4330773cee3e848160267219c7e54ede714d0 (diff)
jenkins_common_lib: avoid compiling kernel twice when building deb package
In the kernel Makefile, running make deb-pkg, will first clean up the tree, which effectively force a full kernel rebuild. Also deb-pkg is not legit when using with O=, and as such we don't even build the kernel source package, and we have the following warning in our build logs: 00:08:26.570 Building source tarball is not possible outside the 00:08:26.570 kernel source tree. Don't set KBUILD_OUTPUT, or use the 00:08:26.570 binrpm-pkg or bindeb-pkg target instead. So effectively, using deb-pkg only cleans up the source tree and forces a rebuild.. so let's replace with bindeb-pkg which does not clean up the tree and build the same packages anyways. Change-Id: I1dd1b2582be283636130170c8d298842d4c87c2d Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/jenkins_common_lib b/jenkins_common_lib
index 00075a0..04ccd5d 100755
--- a/jenkins_common_lib
+++ b/jenkins_common_lib
@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ build_instructions()
if [ "${make_deb}" = "true" ]; then
[ "${ARCH}" = "arm64" ] && kernel_image_arg="KBUILD_IMAGE=arch/arm64/boot/Image"
- eval 'make O=${pkg_dir} KERNELRELEASE=${kernel_release} KBUILD_DEBARCH=${kernel_debarch} ${kernel_image_arg} V=1 deb-pkg'${redirect_output}
+ eval 'make O=${pkg_dir} KERNELRELEASE=${kernel_release} KBUILD_DEBARCH=${kernel_debarch} ${kernel_image_arg} V=1 bindeb-pkg'${redirect_output}
if [ "${make_perf}" = "true" ]; then
make O=${pkg_dir} KERNELRELEASE=${kernel_release} perf-tarxz-src-pkg
cd ${pkg_dir}