path: root/trigger-zephyr-upstream.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-09zephyr-upstream: reduce polling frequencyRiku Voipio
2018-04-27zephyr-upstream: switch to Zephyr official repository on GithubFathi Boudra
2018-04-23Revert "triggers: disable triggers for the projects storing results in qa-rep...Dan Rue
2018-04-23triggers: disable triggers for the projects storing results in qa-reportsMilosz Wasilewski
2017-11-07zephyr-upstream: use GIT_COMMIT instead of GIT_REVISIONFathi Boudra
2017-11-06zephyr-upstream: build specifically commit that triggered itDaniel Díaz
2017-05-19trigger-zephyr-upstream: re-enable the build jobsFathi Boudra
2017-03-12trigger-zephyr: disable upstream zephyr buildsFathi Boudra
2017-02-01zephyr-upstream: adjust the mirror URLFathi Boudra
2016-12-10trigger-zephyr-upstream-arm: add trigger on commitFathi Boudra
2016-07-28zephyr-upstream: use Linaro's Zephyr repository mirrorFathi Boudra
2016-06-03trigger-zephyr-upstream: add a trigger on commitFathi Boudra