path: root/trigger-build-odp.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-23lng: remove LNG related jobsFathi Boudra
2017-02-22openembedded-*-rootfs: drop lng and odp oe builds variantsFathi Boudra
2016-08-18trigger-build-odp: fix syntax problem in trigger-buildsAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp-tool-check: build on commit instead of dailyAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp-publish: build on commit from ODPAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp: add trigger jobs for next and api-nextAnders Roxell
2016-04-22trigger-build-odp: trigger a test run of ODP on a debian imageAnders Roxell
2016-02-12openembedded-odp-rootfs: use the existing ODP build triggerFathi Boudra
2015-11-23build-odp-deb: change file name to match *-odp-rpmAnders Roxell
2015-11-18build-odp-rpm and others: finalizeRiku Voipio
2015-11-17build-odp: refactor the job and follow best practicesFathi Boudra