path: root/tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-05tcwg-llvm-testsuite: Fix nt_flags defaultDiana Picus
2017-08-08tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: SimplifyDiana Picus
2017-08-08tcwg-llvm-testsuite: Use build_container_execDiana Picus
2017-08-07tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: Use v2 interfaceDiana Picus
2017-08-07tcwg-llvm-testsuite: Add 'nt_flags' fieldDiana Picus
2017-08-04tcwg-llvm-*: Fix refs used by LLVM jobsDiana Picus
2017-07-28tcwg-llvm-*: Add 'scripts_branch' fieldDiana Picus
2017-06-14tcwg-llvm-*: use print_host_for_node() instead of nodename2hostname.shCharles Baylis
2017-05-12tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: Fix quoting typoRenato Golin
2017-05-10tcwg-llvm-*: consistent usage of buildjobsRenato Golin
2017-05-08tcwg-llvm-*: Move builders from x86_64-build to x86_64-camRenato Golin
2017-05-05tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: cd && bash, like the othersRenato Golin
2017-05-04tcwg-*: Switch all matrix and multijob jobs to tcwg-coordinatorMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-03tcwg-llvm-*: CommentsRenato Golin
2017-05-02tcwg-llvm*: Remove echo script, try it or realRenato Golin
2017-05-02tcwg-llvm*: Fixing a few typos, adding test-suite option to releaseRenato Golin
2017-05-02tcwg-llvm-*: Mock up to test Jenkins matrix jobsRenato Golin
2017-04-27tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: Change to matrix jobRenato Golin
2017-04-24tcwg-llvm-*: Move builder class to all buildersRenato Golin
2017-04-20tcwg-*: Add ssh-agent-credentials for tcwg-buildslave.Christophe Lyon
2017-04-20tcwg-*: Remove ssh-agent workaroundMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-03-30tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: workspace argument needs to come firstRenato Golin
2017-03-30tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: case sensitve parameter fixRenato Golin
2017-03-30tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: change the other name to be (more) uniqueRenato Golin
2017-03-30tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: change name to be uniqueRenato Golin
2017-03-29tcwg-llvm-testsuite.yaml: New job. A way to run LLVM test-suiteRenato Golin