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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-12tcwg-abe-test, tcwg-binutils, tcwg-buildfarm: Remove schroot support.Christophe Lyon
2017-07-20tcwg-abe-test: Use signal names rather than numbers.Christophe Lyon
2017-06-29tcwg-abe-test: test gcc 6/7 instead of gcc 5/6.Charles Baylis
2017-05-12tcwg-abe-test, tcwg-validate-abetests: Fix artifacts.Charles Baylis
2017-05-04tcwg-*: Switch all matrix and multijob jobs to tcwg-coordinatorMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-05-04tcwg-abe-test: Use docker-enabled versionMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-04-27tcwg-abe-test: Fix.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2017-04-27tcwg-abe-test: Switch cross-testing from schroot to docker.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2017-04-27tcwg-abe-test: Add --workspace to jenkins.shMaxim Kuvyrkov
2017-04-27tcwg-abe-test: New job.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2016-07-15tcwg-*: Remove obsolete jobsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2016-07-15tcwg-*: Mark disabled jobs for removalMaxim Kuvyrkov
2016-06-27tcwg-*: Cleanup the top of the job web-pageMaxim Kuvyrkov
2016-06-27tcwg-abe-test: Disable outdated jobMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-10-07Add a retry to all tcwg jobs for bug #1801Yvan Roux
2015-09-14Revert "tcwg-abe-test*: Don't fail on [broken] testsuite"Christophe Lyon
2015-08-27tcwg-abe-testChristophe Lyon
2015-08-27tcwg: 'user' param has been deprecated, use the 'users' param instead.Fathi Boudra
2015-08-25tcwg-abe-test-gerritChristophe Lyon
2015-08-21tcwg-abe-test-gerrit tcwg-abe-test tcwg-backport-gerrit tcwg-backport-masterChristophe Lyon
2015-08-05tcwg-*: Use any machine from tcwg-x86_64 label for administrative jobsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-07-21tcwg-*: Cleanup refspec for fetching changesets from gerritMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-18tcwg-abe-test*: Don't fail on [broken] testsuiteMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-05tcwg-*: Tiny cleanupsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-02tcwg-abe-test,tcwg-buildfarm-master: Update parameter namesMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-02tcwg-abe-test*,tcwg-buildfarm-test-builder*: Cleanup jobs and their namesMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-01tcwg-abe-test[-manual]: API testsuite is now part of "make check"Maxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-01tcwg-abe-test[-manual]: Restore running API testsuiteMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-01tcwg-abe-test[-manual]: Call testsuite via blessed "make check"Maxim Kuvyrkov
2015-06-01tcwg-abe-test-*, tcwg-buildfarm-*: Set appropriate fileserver and logserverMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-30tcwg-abe-test-*: Update to a known-good configurationMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-29tcwg-abe-test-*: Use default fileserver/logserverMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-*: Revert changes to unify manual and gerrit buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Try to make manual trigger workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Try to make manual trigger workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Try to make manual trigger workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: try to make manual builds workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Fix indentationMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Make non-gerrit triggers workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Revert to previous versionMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Try to make gerrit and normal triggers to workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Try to get both gerrit and normal triggers to workMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-27tcwg-abe-test: Allow both gerrit and normal triggersMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-25tcwg-abe-test: Update fileserver / logserverMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-22tcwg-abe-test: Update native_testMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-22tcwg-abe-test: Fix handling of testsuite return codesMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-22tcwg-abe-test: Set --logserverMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-22tcwg-abe-test: Runs ABE's test with verbose outputMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-20tcwg-abe-test: Don't ignore testsuites' exit codesMaxim Kuvyrkov
2015-05-20tcwg-abe-test: Fix ABE's testsuites namesMaxim Kuvyrkov