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2017-10-16rpb-debian-installer: update to stretch/obsRiku Voipio
Update the ERP installer CI jobs to pull from obs and build against stretch. Part of BB-450 Change-Id: I4abce92e081dcce3a53105a652e05c1c84e629ea
2017-09-06rpb-kernel-latest: move to stretchRiku Voipio
Next ERP is based on Debian Stretch. We need a new metapackage. Change-Id: I61aaac68dfaefd6e1c6f513f9b462e139c901b01
2017-06-07rpb-kernel-latest: build new kernel metapackageRiku Voipio
Instead of dancing through the steps manually, make a CI job. The ABI and package versions are pulled automatically from target repo, so this job should be triggered only after the updated kernel has landed in the target repo. Change-Id: Ic4f90c54854d0adf4df37f786ccfde579b79124d