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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-03Cleanup: remove all deleted jobsVishal Bhoj
2019-05-02Cleanup: Delete all disabled jobsVishal Bhoj
2019-03-22android: fix parser-rules path - part 1Fathi Boudra
2018-09-26robher-aosp: disable jobsVishal Bhoj
2017-12-22robher-aosp: use AOSP upstream sourceVishal Bhoj
2017-11-13robher-aosp: only email on first failureRob Herring
2017-10-26robher-aosp: fix failures due to persistent storage changeVishal Bhoj
2017-10-26robher-aosp: use persistent storage for caching codeVishal Bhoj
2017-10-24robher: delete sources after build to save spaceVishal Bhoj
2017-10-13robher-aosp: fixup manifest path, take 2Rob Herring
2017-10-13robher-aosp: fixup some build script errorsRob Herring
2017-10-13robher-aosp: fix git subdirectory settingRob Herring
2017-10-13robher-aosp: only build Intel drivers on x86Rob Herring
2017-10-13robher-aosp: email git author and committer on failuresFathi Boudra
2017-10-13robher-aosp: use git plugin for mesa repoRob Herring
2017-06-06robher-aosp: quiet repo syncRob Herring
2017-06-06robher-aosp: add parameters for custom mesa git tree and email recipientRob Herring
2017-06-06robher-aosp: fix mesa gpu driver selectionRob Herring
2017-03-27robher-aosp: remove gralloc.drm from the buildRob Herring
2017-03-24robher-aosp: remove extra device make stepRob Herring
2017-03-21robher-aosp: build once a dayRob Herring
2017-03-21robher-aosp: disable r600g, i915g and enable nouveau GPU driversRob Herring
2016-12-09robher-aosp: use common LCR builder setup scriptsRob Herring
2016-12-08robher-aosp: switch to building on xenialRob Herring
2016-07-05robher-aosp: don't fail on apt-get update failRob Herring
2016-06-14robher-aosp: add device configuration stepRob Herring
2016-06-13robher-aosp: fix make error handlingRob Herring
2016-06-13robher-aosp: reduce the context for error parsingRob Herring
2016-06-13robher-aosp: print make return codeRob Herring
2016-06-03robher-aosp: remove some post build stepsRob Herring
2016-05-23robher-aosp: update merged mesa branch to android-build-testRob Herring
2016-05-17robher-aosp: update build script and email-ext configRob Herring
2016-05-17robher-aosp: fix typoVishal Bhoj
2016-05-17robher-aosp: allow vishal to configure the jobVishal Bhoj
2016-05-17android: provide full path of parse scriptVishal Bhoj
2016-05-16Add ci job for rob herringVishal Bhoj