path: root/openembedded-lkft-linux-stable-rc-4.9.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
15 hoursopenembedded-lkft: Use Sumo as RPB baseline instead of RockoHEADmasterDaniel Díaz
2019-02-27openembedded-lkft: Align build jobs' parametersDaniel Díaz
2019-02-19openembedded-lkft: add TEST_SUITES parameterDaniel Díaz
2019-01-29openembedded-lkft: Updating job priorities for each branchNaresh Kamboju
2019-01-23Revert "openembedded-lkft: Simplify builds"Daniel Díaz
2019-01-23openembedded-lkft: Simplify buildsDaniel Díaz
2019-01-08Revert "openembedded-lkft: Fix pub. dest. due to manifest name"Daniel Díaz
2019-01-08openembedded-lkft: Fix pub. dest. due to manifest nameDaniel Díaz
2019-01-03openembedded-lkft: Use LKFT distro on all stable-rc branchesDaniel Díaz
2018-12-20openembedded-lkft: Notify when builts are abortedDaniel Díaz
2018-10-25openembedded-lkft: Add MANIFEST_URL parameterDaniel Díaz
2018-08-30openembedded-lkft: enable i386 builds on stableAnders Roxell
2018-08-21lkft: disable x86-32 builds on the lts buildsAnders Roxell
2018-08-14lkft: add machine intel-corei7-64Anders Roxell
2018-08-01LKFT: Implement fast sanity testingDan Rue
2018-07-19openembedded-lkft: change OE Morty -> RockoDaniel Díaz
2018-07-05openembedded-lkft: build rpb-console-image-lkftDaniel Díaz
2018-06-06openembedded-lkft: remove B2260 from the buildsFathi Boudra
2018-04-27Set the build location in the Jenkins job descriptionFathi Boudra
2018-04-26LKFT: Change job priorities to be more granularDan Rue
2018-04-10openembedded-lkft: use includeraw for the publishing stepFathi Boudra
2018-02-28LKFT: Enable QEMU on x86-64Dan Rue
2018-02-27openembedded-lkft: submit jobs to dragonboard-410cFathi Boudra
2018-02-26LKFT: Enable matrix-combinations plugin parameterDan Rue
2018-02-23LKFT: Disable qemu on all branches except 4.14Dan Rue
2018-02-23openembedded-lkft: enable testing on QEMUMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-20openembedded-lkft: stable: 4.{4,9,14}: use dedicated slaveFathi Boudra
2017-12-15openembedded-lkft-linux-stable: add build timeout of 180 minutesDaniel Díaz
2017-12-09openembedded-lkft: standardize on using PUB_DESTFathi Boudra
2017-11-28LKFT: Only notify on build failuresDan Rue
2017-11-24lkft: fix SRCREV_kernel expansionFathi Boudra
2017-11-23openembedded-lkft: remove emails from recipient listMilosz Wasilewski
2017-11-22lkft: improve email notificationVishal Bhoj
2017-11-22openembedded-lkft: replace SKIPLIST with SKIPFILENaresh Kamboju
2017-11-21openembedded-lkft-linux-stable-rc: fix email-ext recipients syntaxFathi Boudra
2017-11-18openembedded-lkft: notify lkft-triage ML about new buildsMilosz Wasilewski
2017-11-17openembedded-lkft: rename the kernel recipesFathi Boudra
2017-11-17lkft: update email notification bodyVishal Bhoj
2017-11-07openembedded-lkft: add raw_skew to kselftest skip listMilosz Wasilewski
2017-10-19openembedded-lkft: skip bpf tests on 4.4 and 4.9 kernelsNaresh Kamboju
2017-10-06openembedded-lkft: allow to skip lava jobs submissionsFathi Boudra
2017-10-06openembedded-lkft: allow variable LAVA job priorityMilosz Wasilewski
2017-10-06openembedded-lkft: add ST B2260 boardFathi Boudra
2017-10-05openembedded-lkft: enable x15 deviceDan Rue
2017-10-05openembedded-lkft: move the build slave to docker-stretch-amd64Fathi Boudra
2017-09-28openembedded-lkft: stop submitting LAVA v1 jobsFathi Boudra
2017-09-21openembedded-lkft: submit to JunoFathi Boudra
2017-09-20openembedded-lkft: add junoFathi Boudra
2017-09-20openembedded-lkft: add kernelversion to lkft oeDan Rue
2017-09-05lkft: add lkft-maintainers ml to email recipientsFathi Boudra