path: root/openembedded-armv8
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-14lava-job-definitions: fix installation of android platform toolsChase Qi
2018-08-24hi6200-hikey: fix lava job templateChase Qi
2018-06-04Use debian apt sources redirector instead of hardcoded bytemark for LXC setupMatt Hart
2018-02-07LKFT: Change dependencies on old LTP skipfilesDan Rue
2017-12-18Revert "lkft-hikey-linux: update ptable"Dan Rue
2017-12-18lkft-hikey-linux: update ptableNaresh Kamboju
2017-11-26openembedded-armv8-ilp32: don't use jinja2 for templateDaniel Díaz
2017-11-09openembedded-armv8-ilp32: submit HiKey ILP32 LTP to LAVADaniel Díaz