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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-11Replace python-pycurl by python-requestsFathi Boudra
2016-08-18odp-publish: fix source and remove-prefix pathAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp-publish: fix leftover from intividual buildsAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp-publish: build on commit from ODPAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp-publish: take the platform_type from a parameterAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp-publish: fix publish individual buildsAnders Roxell
2016-07-08odp-*: use build-discarder instead of logrotateAnders Roxell
2016-07-07odp: move to jessie dockerAnders Roxell
2016-05-24odp-*publish*: remove link before creating a newAnders Roxell
2016-05-23odp-publish*: change to directories instead of separating with '-'Anders Roxell
2016-05-23odp-publish: drop JOB_NAME variable use hardcoded varAnders Roxell
2016-05-23odp-publish*: fix ln path to targetAnders Roxell
2016-05-17odp-publish*: publishing drop rm command on live docsAnders Roxell
2016-05-17odp-publish*: publish snapshots to stage release buildsAnders Roxell
2016-05-17odp-publish: make build_type_dir accept wildcards for doxygen_htmlAnders Roxell
2016-04-28odp-publish: bump to tc release 5.3-2016.02Anders Roxell
2016-04-27odp-publish: clean up directoriesFathi Boudra
2016-04-26odp-publish: make sure destination directory is createdFathi Boudra
2016-04-26odp-publish: copy daily builds to snapshotsFathi Boudra
2016-04-26odp-publish: increase ssh publisher timeoutFathi Boudra
2016-04-26odp-publish: publish in incomingFathi Boudra
2016-04-22odp-publish: add a descriptionAnders Roxell
2016-02-18odp-*: use api_version 3 when publishingAnders Roxell
2016-02-10odp-publish: add linaro-publish-tokenAnders Roxell
2016-02-01odp-publish: fix indentationAnders Roxell
2016-02-01odp-publish: take all log files from builddirAnders Roxell
2016-01-12odp-publish: use check-odp's pre-install scriptAnders Roxell
2015-12-02odp-publish: add package librsvg2-binAnders Roxell
2015-12-01odp-publish: add more predependenciesAnders Roxell
2015-12-01odp-publish: add pkg mscgen to doxygen buildsAnders Roxell
2015-12-01odp-publish: enable user guide buildsAnders Roxell
2015-11-29odp-publish.yaml: add builddep libcunit1-devAnders Roxell
2015-11-19odp-publish: publish build failure to s.l.oAnders Roxell
2015-11-17odp-*: add timeout 60 minAnders Roxell
2015-11-17odp-publish: disable netmapAnders Roxell
2015-11-07odp-publish: change variable from clang to scan_buildAnders Roxell
2015-11-05odp-publish: add a next branchAnders Roxell
2015-11-04odp-publish: change timeout to 60minAnders Roxell
2015-10-12odp-*: utopic: the sources.list to old-releasesAnders Roxell
2015-07-13odp-publish: add sudo only when neededAnders Roxell
2015-07-13odp-publish: lcov: pktio test needs to run as rootAnders Roxell
2015-06-12odp-*: disable keystone2Anders Roxell
2015-05-25odp-publish: add package libpcap-dev for dpdk buildAnders Roxell
2015-05-11odp-publish: add new axis to build different branchesAnders Roxell
2015-04-27odp-*: use preinstalled toolchainAnders Roxell
2015-04-09odp-publish: dpdk need linux-headersAnders Roxell
2015-04-08odp-publish: add keystone2Anders Roxell
2015-04-08odp-publish: add dpdkAnders Roxell
2015-03-16odp-*: change email recipiantAnders Roxell
2015-03-16odp-publish: use correct variableAnders Roxell