path: root/odp-api-check.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-23odp-api-check: remove ipc option testMaxim Uvarov
2016-12-11Replace python-pycurl by python-requestsFathi Boudra
2016-09-06odp-api-check: move remote_directory_parameters to be exitAnders Roxell
2016-09-06odp-api-check: add a second shell to exit jobAnders Roxell
2016-08-23odp-api-check: trigger builds inside the matrixAnders Roxell
2016-08-22odp-api-check: fix combination-filterAnders Roxell
2016-08-22odp-api-check: always trigger odp-publish-icon buildAnders Roxell
2016-08-19odp-api-check: use new odp-publish-icon jobAnders Roxell
2016-08-19odp-api-check: publish the build icon to ODP's docs snapshotsAnders Roxell
2016-08-18odp: add trigger jobs for next and api-nextAnders Roxell
2016-07-13odp-api-check: fix the file not exist problemAnders Roxell
2016-07-12odp-api-check: fix 'File already exists' when publishingAnders Roxell
2016-07-08odp-*: use build-discarder instead of logrotateAnders Roxell
2016-07-07odp: move to jessie dockerAnders Roxell
2016-07-07odp-api-check: add pktio dir to s.l.o publishAnders Roxell
2016-06-26odp-api-check: remove x86_64 from the combination-filterAnders Roxell
2016-06-24odp-api-check: remove dpdk pktio buildsAnders Roxell
2016-05-18odp-api-check: fix combination-filterAnders Roxell
2016-05-17odp-api-check: fix typo in the combination filterFathi Boudra
2016-05-17odp-api-check: enable pktio axisAnders Roxell
2016-04-28odp-api-check: bump to tc release 5.3-2016.02Anders Roxell
2016-04-22odp-api-check: add a descriptionAnders Roxell
2016-02-18odp-*: use api_version 3 when publishingAnders Roxell
2016-01-12odp-api-check: use check-odp's pre-install scriptAnders Roxell
2015-11-29odp-api-check.yaml: add builddep libcunit1-devAnders Roxell
2015-11-17odp-*: add timeout 60 minAnders Roxell
2015-11-05odp-api-check: add a next branchAnders Roxell
2015-10-28odp-api-check: enable x86 buildsAnders Roxell
2015-10-19odp-api-check: write where to find logsAnders Roxell
2015-10-19odp-api-check: fix bash errorAnders Roxell
2015-10-19odp-api-check: check if directory existsAnders Roxell
2015-10-19odp-api-check: fix add more directory levels to s.l.oAnders Roxell
2015-10-19linaro-api-check: fix add linaro-publish-tokenAnders Roxell
2015-10-19odp-api-check: publish ODP logsAnders Roxell
2015-10-12odp-*: utopic: the sources.list to old-releasesAnders Roxell
2015-05-11odp-api-check: add a new axis to build different branchesAnders Roxell
2015-05-08odp-api-check: fix toolchain pathAnders Roxell
2015-04-27odp-*: use preinstalled toolchainAnders Roxell
2015-03-16odp-*: change email recipiantAnders Roxell
2015-03-13odp-*: clean up ODP jobsFathi Boudra
2015-03-13odp-*: change branch and git repositoryAnders Roxell
2015-03-04odp-api-check: change install dep to libssl-devAnders Roxell
2015-02-13odp-api-check: add permissionsAnders Roxell
2015-02-13odp-api-check: switch to docker build slavesFathi Boudra
2015-02-10odp-api-check: add new job for ODP API checkFathi Boudra