path: root/lkft-staging-no-skiplist.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-03lkft-staging-no-skiplist: Fix boot image name for DB410cDaniel Díaz
2018-11-13lkft-staging: Add 4.19Daniel Díaz
2018-10-09lkft-staging-no-skiplist: Fix bitrot; staging lavaDan Rue
2018-07-19LKFT: Staging: Use -lkft image if it existDan Rue
2018-07-17lkft: staging: fetch build info from correct URLDaniel Díaz
2018-07-05LKFT: Staging: Update and consistency with prodDan Rue
2018-06-06LKFT: drop B2260Fathi Boudra
2018-05-14LKFT: Staging: Anchor kernel file matching to wordDan Rue
2018-04-30LKFT: staging: Add qemu_arm for KERNEL_FILENAMEDan Rue
2018-04-26LKFT: Change job priorities to be more granularDan Rue
2018-04-26LKFT: Staging: Use RC branches not stableDan Rue
2018-04-13openembedded-lkft: compress hddimgFathi Boudra
2018-04-12LKFT: staging-no-skiplist: set qemu_arm MACHINEDan Rue
2018-04-12LKFT: Allow configs repo override in stagingDan Rue
2018-04-12LKFT: staging-no-skiplist: Enable ARM 32 bit qemuDan Rue
2018-04-07LKFT: staging-no-skiplist: Add 4.16 branchDan Rue
2018-04-05LKFT staging-no-skiplist: export TOOLCHAINDan Rue
2018-04-05LKFT staging-no-skiplist: Set TOOLCHAINDan Rue
2018-03-12LKFT: Staging: Enable debugging outputDan Rue
2018-03-08LKFT: Kselftest: Use skipfile-lkft.yamlDan Rue
2018-03-06LKFT: Staging: Fix KERNEL_VERSION to be consistentDan Rue
2018-02-28LKFT: staging: Add 4.15Dan Rue
2018-02-22LKFT: staging: Enable matrix combinations paramDan Rue
2018-02-21Revert "LKFT: staging: Temporarily remove boards for qemu"Milosz Wasilewski
2018-02-15lkft-staging: fix QEMU job submissionsMilosz Wasilewski
2018-02-14LKFT: staging: Temporarily remove boards for qemuDan Rue
2018-02-14lkft-staging: run tests on QEMUMilosz Wasilewski
2018-02-13lkft-staging: fix regex for finding boot image filenameMilosz Wasilewski
2018-02-12lkft-staging: add dragonboard-410cMilosz Wasilewski
2018-02-02LKFT: LTP: Use skipfile-lkft.yamlDan Rue
2018-01-09LKFT: staging: Make KSELFTESTS_SKIPLIST a paramDan Rue
2018-01-03lkft-staging: start running tests on b2260Milosz Wasilewski
2018-01-02lkft-staging-no-skiplist: update LTP skipfileMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-21lkft-staging-no-skiplist: fix job nameDaniel Díaz
2017-12-21lkft: install python deps in staging-no-skip-list jobMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-20lkft: set env variables in staging-no-skiplistMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-19lkft: fix staging no-skiplists buildMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-19lkft: enable staging-no-skiplist build jobMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-13lkft: add staging job - no skiplistMilosz Wasilewski