path: root/lkft-hikey-aosp-4.9-premerge-ci.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 dayslkft hikey 9.0 and premerge builds: update reference buildYongqin Liu
8 dayslkft premerge ci builds: use linaro kernelsYongqin Liu
2019-02-14lkft hikey builds: update to use clang-r349610Yongqin Liu
2019-01-23lkft hikey builds: update to use clang-r346389cYongqin Liu
2019-01-22lkft premerge ci build: use p configsYongqin Liu
2019-01-21lkft hikey premerge builds and 9.0 buildsYongqin Liu
2018-12-20lkft aosp premerge ci: update vts/cts urlYongqin Liu
2018-12-20lkft aosp premerge ci: fix build errorsYongqin Liu
2018-12-07lkft: fix the settings for ANDROID_VERSIONYongqin Liu
2018-10-16lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-09-11lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-09-05lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*-premerge: fix branch name to buildVishal Bhoj
2018-09-05lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*-premerge: pull all branches to buildVishal Bhoj
2018-09-05lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*-premerge: fix branch to buildVishal Bhoj
2018-08-30lkft-hikey-aosp-*-premerge-ci: track mirror branches in hikey-linaro treeVishal Bhoj
2018-08-30lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*premerge: fix build failuresVishal Bhoj
2018-08-30lkft-hikey-aosp-*-premerge-ci: avoid shallow cloneVishal Bhoj
2018-08-30lkft-hikey-aosp-*-premerge-ci: new jobsVishal Bhoj