path: root/lkft-hikey-aosp-4.4.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-20lkft builds: clean disabled builds and fix hikey premerge builds nameYongqin Liu
2018-12-07lkft-hikey-aosp: disable builds on all branchesMilosz Wasilewski
2018-12-07lkft: fix the settings for ANDROID_VERSIONYongqin Liu
2018-10-16lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-09-11lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-06-28lkft-aosp: monthly baseline updateVishal Bhoj
2018-06-28lkft-aosp: update clang toolchain version to r328903Vishal Bhoj
2018-06-08lkft-hikey-aosp: Use google recommended configsVishal Bhoj
2018-05-31lkft:x15/hikey: aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-05-08lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-04-17lkft-hikey-aosp: use clang toolchainVishal Bhoj
2018-04-12lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update aosp baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-04-03lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update AOSP master imagesVishal Bhoj
2018-03-27update url for testdataVishal Bhoj
2018-03-07lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update monthly AOSP master baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-01-31lkft: hikey: enable CTS testing and update AOSP masterVishal Bhoj
2018-01-18lkft-hikey-aosp-*: fix VTS urlVishal Bhoj
2018-01-17lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update AOSP master imagesVishal Bhoj
2018-01-14lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update to aosp master from 01132018Vishal Bhoj
2018-01-11lkft-hikey-aosp-4.4: fix typo in job submission to qa-reportsVishal Bhoj
2018-01-10lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update userspace and vts packageVishal Bhoj
2018-01-10lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: use unified script to submit jobs to qa-reportsVishal Bhoj
2018-01-08lkft: aosp: Add more metadataVishal Bhoj
2017-12-20lkft-hikey-aosp: move vts-staging to staging-lkft groupMilosz Wasilewski
2017-12-05lkft: android: update vts packageVishal Bhoj
2017-12-04pass VTS package as build parameterVishal Bhoj
2017-11-24lkft: fix SRCREV_kernel expansionFathi Boudra
2017-11-23openembedded-lkft: remove emails from recipient listMilosz Wasilewski
2017-11-22lkft: improve email notificationVishal Bhoj
2017-11-17lkft: update email notification bodyVishal Bhoj
2017-11-08lkft: android: enable vts-staging-kernel testsVishal Bhoj
2017-11-08lkft: android: break long running ltp testVishal Bhoj
2017-09-19lkft: move AOSP root filesystem to people.l.oMilosz Wasilewski
2017-09-19lkft: disable CTS executionMilosz Wasilewski
2017-09-11lkft: Update base rootfs for AOSP testsMilosz Wasilewski
2017-09-07openembedded-lkft: switch to http for downloadMilosz Wasilewski
2017-09-05lkft: add lkft-maintainers ml to email recipientsFathi Boudra
2017-08-17lkft-aosp: fix a typo in CtsLibcoreTestCases nameChase Qi
2017-08-11lkft: re-enable testing in LAVAFathi Boudra
2017-08-03lkft: change qa-reports project namesMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-31lkft: disable testing in LAVAMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-18lkft: use git describe and git commit from triggerMilosz Wasilewski
2017-06-22lkft-hikey-aosp: fix typoVishal Bhoj
2017-06-22lkft: openembedded-lkft: fix incorrect conditionMilosz Wasilewski
2017-06-22lkft-hikey-aosp: use bash for qa-reports submissionVishal Bhoj
2017-06-22lkft: remove unecessary double quotesFathi Boudra
2017-06-22lkft-hikey-aosp: use git describe for qa-reports versionFathi Boudra
2017-06-20lkft-aosp: update build description with links to test jobsMilosz Wasilewski
2017-06-19lkft: route android test jobs via qa-reportsMilosz Wasilewski
2017-06-07lkft-hikey-aosp: update reference build to 432Vishal Bhoj