path: root/lkft-hikey-aosp-4.14.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 dayslkft builds: clean disabled builds and fix hikey premerge builds nameYongqin Liu
2018-12-07lkft-hikey-aosp: disable builds on all branchesMilosz Wasilewski
2018-12-07lkft: fix the settings for ANDROID_VERSIONYongqin Liu
2018-10-16lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-09-11lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-06-28lkft-aosp: monthly baseline updateVishal Bhoj
2018-06-28lkft-aosp: update clang toolchain version to r328903Vishal Bhoj
2018-06-08lkft-hikey-aosp: Use google recommended configsVishal Bhoj
2018-05-31lkft:x15/hikey: aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-05-08lkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-04-17lkft-hikey-aosp: use clang toolchainVishal Bhoj
2018-04-12lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update aosp baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-04-03lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update AOSP master imagesVishal Bhoj
2018-03-27update url for testdataVishal Bhoj
2018-03-07lkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update monthly AOSP master baselineVishal Bhoj
2018-02-19lkft: add jobs for hikey-aosp 4.14 kernelVishal Bhoj