path: root/lite-aeolus-micropython.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-18lite-aeolus: Re-enable LAVA submission with updated token.Paul Sokolovsky
2018-06-13lite-aeolus-*: Enable testing on disco-l475-iot1Paul Sokolovsky
2018-06-13lite-aeolus-*: Update to use LITE LAVA instance.Paul Sokolovsky
2018-05-30lite-aeolus: Use Zephyr upstream repo while our mirror is brokenPaul Sokolovsky
2018-01-12lite-aeolus-micropython: Add disco_l475_iot1 to build matrix.Paul Sokolovsky
2018-01-12lite-aeolus-micropython: Switch to "pfalcon" branch.Paul Sokolovsky
2017-12-15lite-aeolus-*: Add support for different LAVA job templates.Paul Sokolovsky
2017-11-28lite-aeolus-micropython: Add frdm_kw41z to the build matrix.Paul Sokolovsky
2017-11-28lite-aeolus-micropython: Switch back to master (updated for Zephyr CMake).Paul Sokolovsky
2017-11-27lite-aeolus-*: Disable LAVA submission for arduino_101.Paul Sokolovsky
2017-11-23lite-aeolus-micropython: Switch to zephyr-wip branch for CMake migrationPaul Sokolovsky
2017-10-01lite-aeolus-micropython: Allow to override Zephyr git repo via job params.Paul Sokolovsky
2017-07-02pfalcon-aelous-*: Copy to lite-aeolus-*.Paul Sokolovsky