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2015-06-02linux-leg: fix boot_cmds in lava job definitionsFu Wei
2015-04-17linux-leg: remove useless files in template.json for more space to store test...Fu Wei
2015-02-16 linux-leg : update the template.json for using the latest bl1.bin/fip.bin in...Fu Wei
2015-02-16linux-leg : update the template.json for using custom startup.nsh instead ofFu Wei
2015-02-04linux-leg : Add two "bp.pl011_uart0" options into all the json templates for ...Fu Wei
2015-01-29linux-leg: back to use console=ttyAMA0 (instead of ttySBSA0) in kernel comman...Fu Wei
2015-01-10linux-leg: in template-acpi.json, use qa/test-definitions.git instead of peop...Fu Wei
2015-01-08linux-leg: add dmidecode and lshw tests in acpi test job on rtsm_fvp_base-aemv8aFu Wei
2014-12-18Add linux-leg job (Fu Wei changes)Fathi Boudra