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2 daysandroid: fix parser-rules path - part 1Fathi Boudra
Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org> Change-Id: I8f22627865e1f10890d786523a094a0593ae807d
2017-04-24ART: disable some jobsJulien Duraj
- Disable stable jobs - Remove periodic ART test on OLD backend There is no need at to have the old backend tested periodically anymore - Disable the VIXL jobs, until we resume activity to support newer VIXL interface Change-Id: I9f748b10ba01835a7b60e467e20aa991073ba661
2017-04-05VIXL: remove email notification for linaro-vixlJulien Duraj
Change-Id: Ib7e1928173d9d30186d86b786aaedf73137ed6b8
2017-03-08linaro-art: use the latest build_config_filenameVishal Bhoj
Change-Id: Id5720c08112fe201b9c5dfa6987d84dcb7451599 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2017-02-07ART: Update postbuild groovy scriptsJulien Duraj
- Cleanup the out of date inline groovy code in some of the jjb's. - Rename the postbuild.groovy script to tests.groovy as it relates particularly to host and target tests. - Add another groovy file: global.groovy that applies to all linaro-art builds. Change-Id: Icb624357f5b26a8fc999e00b71fe061297650097
2017-01-18VIXL: Copy required Android makefiles to root of the projectJulien Duraj
Change-Id: Idcb05ffa8e33a0ff803d01ffa75861e8a05ac3fb
2017-01-13VIXL: Add ability to read logs for anonymousJulien Duraj
Change-Id: Iaa615f139eede4bddd97f43c90b87829e6a79744
2017-01-13VIXL: Add Host tests and Target TestsJulien Duraj
These 2 new jobs are triggered daily, and they can also be triggered from a gerrit patch using the comment IncludeVixlArtTests In case of failure, also alert linaro-vixl@linaro.org Change-Id: I276d5e3cd06eeb3c1605e316df1035202073a53f