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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-16ART benchmarks: add java libs in package.Julien Duraj
2020-06-11ART: add linkerconfig/ to benchmark package.Julien Duraj
2020-06-01VIXL: Don't use git pull, but use git checkoutJulien Duraj
2020-05-06Change VIXL x86 img & install clang-toolsJulien Duraj
2020-05-04ART: add pixel2 to baseline microbenchmarksJulien Duraj
2020-04-27VIXL CI: include script for x86 presubmit too.Julien Duraj
2020-04-20VIXL: fixup previous commitJulien Duraj
2020-04-20VIXL: add universe repositories for clang-tools-x.yJulien Duraj
2020-04-17VIXL: script in external file & upgrade toolsJulien Duraj
2019-12-04ART: Switch to python3 version of requests.Julien Duraj
2019-11-06Publishing: Use Python3Benjamin Copeland
2019-09-11Microbenchmarks: disable pixel, enable pixel3Julien Duraj
2019-08-06ART builder: remove quote preventing expansion.Julien Duraj
2019-08-02ART build: Run scripts from cloned repoJulien Duraj
2019-08-01ART Build: rework the job using existing scriptsJulien Duraj
2019-07-31ART: Job to build and package ART dependenciesJulien Duraj
2019-03-21ART benchmarks: remove boot.oat from archiveJulien Duraj
2018-06-23ART: Add boot.oat in microbenchmarks archive for codesize measurementsJulien Duraj
2017-11-16ART: bring `device not found` issues to attentionJulien Duraj
2017-06-20linaro-art: inject qa-reports token to post-build-lavaMilosz Wasilewski
2017-05-24microbenchmarks: submit jobs to productionVishal Bhoj
2017-04-11linaro-art: microbenchmarks: No need for adb port forwardingVishal Bhoj
2017-04-11linaro-art: microbenchmarks: update package before installationVishal Bhoj
2017-04-11linaro-art: microbenchmarks: fix typoVishal Bhoj
2017-04-11linaro-art: microbenchmarks: fix package installationVishal Bhoj
2017-04-11linaro-art: microbenchmarks: install python-request for publishingVishal Bhoj
2017-04-11linaro-art-tip microbenchmarks: Use lava-v2 to run microbenchmarksVishal Bhoj
2017-02-07ART: Update postbuild groovy scriptsJulien Duraj
2016-08-31ART: groovy: add a warning badge for some jobsJulien Duraj
2016-08-03ART: Fix the groovy scripts for Host and Target test jobsJulien Duraj