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2015-12-08template-tempest.yaml: change concurrency 0->1, only allowing one test ↵Clark Laughlin
thread for now Change-Id: I847610f3c06e6e812925c3c3b639de1375446c08
2015-12-08template-tempest.yaml: increase timeouts to allow for Tempest to run longer ↵Clark Laughlin
when not running concurrent tests Change-Id: I0d4ab9606a06bed1ee69ba7b9a1b756d3e574c50
2015-12-08template-tempest.yaml: add libvirt buildClark Laughlin
Change-Id: Ia11caaa7ded59e82145772ad91fbac5c9fa24f2f
2015-10-01template-tempest.yaml: changed paths -- apparently not ignored quite as much ↵Clark Laughlin
as expected Change-Id: Ib8765671334ef9906780e6473cf93362663f5473
2015-08-10leg-openstack-tempest: update LAVA job templates with new URLsClark Laughlin
Change-Id: I887b4fa40c7c3b99549e518b342afe41a8824917
2015-07-02leg-openstack-tempest: change to use device type rather than targetting a ↵Clark Laughlin
specific device leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: change to run at 10PM Change-Id: I9efc51c2db0be0a0b3f477f666ceda69b42a6714
2015-06-26leg-openstack: install qemu-v2.3.0 after devstackAndrew McDermott
Build and install qemu-v2.3.0 after devstack has completed. It is important to do it after the devstack task because devstack will install the distros version of qemu. Change-Id: I2e8e469682c698e3801ccaf2b78eb042d8da8138 Signed-off-by: Andrew McDermott <andrew.mcdermott@linaro.org>
2015-06-25leg-openstack: set tempest concurrency factor to 0Andrew McDermott
Zero means use all available cores. Change-Id: Iaad83c6c02e9c68c4777907fd9dbd3aaedabeffb Signed-off-by: Andrew McDermott <andrew.mcdermott@linaro.org>
2015-06-09leg-openstack: increase job timeout to 5 hoursAndrew McDermott
Change-Id: I0bfad1ed19057e2ff780d3e5176b6c992c64179e Signed-off-by: Andrew McDermott <andrew.mcdermott@linaro.org>
2015-05-01leg-openstack-tempest: disable rallyAndrew McDermott
Currently broken for a devstack install and we don't strictly need it to run tempest anyway. Change-Id: Ib3692c25a26cc7cb1823bc74139b8e799f6b1c51 Signed-off-by: Andrew McDermott <andrew.mcdermott@linaro.org>
2015-04-24leg-openstack-tempest: convert to matrix job, modify bundle stream outputClark Laughlin
This patch converts the job into a matrix job with several axes: - Device Type (currently: mustang) - OS distro (currently: ubuntu) - OS version (currently: trusty, vivid) - Devstack branch (currently: master) This metadata is inserted into the LAVA job definition to be used for categorizing the test results in LAVA as well as when pulling in the bundle data for processing on openstack.linaro.org. The output bundle stream naming has also been changed to be more generic: /public/team/openstack/tempest-ci/ Change-Id: I8228aab65267195f33491583fc85c9b3ff4e7fae Signed-off-by: Clark Laughlin <clark.laughlin@linaro.org>
2015-04-23leg-openstack-tempest: update teampate for TempestFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I1bbeb67502dc84cc0a7e04d590e21bc2ac7ad0e8 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-04-23Change job to run tempestClark Laughlin
Change-Id: I06240b09a44b6994bfc3971031a068e98222f135
2015-04-22leg-openstack-tempest: use a freestyle job to manage ↵Fathi Boudra
DEVICE_TYPE/DEVICE_TARGET mapping Change-Id: Ic6ffc2b22e1571c51edffa1a78bc2a9fad809ad0 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-04-22leg-openstack-tempest: add new job to run LEG's Openstack Tempest dailyClark Laughlin
Change-Id: I24dd650b5a1b81de0a19f92144cc23e53c6af63d Signed-off-by: Clark Laughlin <clark.laughlin@linaro.org>