path: root/leg-openstack-tempest.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-01leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: remove stable/kiloClark Laughlin
2015-11-30leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: enable stable/liberty releaseClark Laughlin
2015-11-30leg-openstack: workaround a rgression introduced in yaml-to-jsonFathi Boudra
2015-09-02leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: re-enable vivid, trusty -- they work as long as a...Clark Laughlin
2015-09-02leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: try an older trusty / vivid cloud imageClark Laughlin
2015-09-02leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: disable trusty, vivid - they fail 100% of the tim...Clark Laughlin
2015-07-14leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: enable wilyClark Laughlin
2015-07-11leg-openstack-tempest: exclude Vivid and stable/kilo combinationClark Laughlin
2015-07-02leg-openstack-tempest: change to use device type rather than targetting a spe...Clark Laughlin
2015-07-01leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: add vivid to OS version axis, and stable/kilo to ...Clark Laughlin
2015-06-29leg-openstack-tempest: switch job to osmustang03Andrew McDermott
2015-04-28leg-openstack-tempest.yaml: removed vivid from OS version axisClark Laughlin
2015-04-24leg-openstack-tempest: add missing \Fathi Boudra
2015-04-24leg-openstack-tempest: convert to matrix job, modify bundle stream outputClark Laughlin
2015-04-23leg-openstack-tempest: update teampate for TempestFathi Boudra
2015-04-23Change job to run tempestClark Laughlin
2015-04-22leg-openstack-tempest: export DEVICE_TARGETFathi Boudra
2015-04-22Exported DEVICE_TARGETClark Laughlin
2015-04-22Re-enabled jobClark Laughlin
2015-04-22leg-openstack-tempest: use a freestyle job to manage DEVICE_TYPE/DEVICE_TARGE...Fathi Boudra
2015-04-22Disable job for now, and update titleClark Laughlin
2015-04-22leg-openstack-tempest: add new job to run LEG's Openstack Tempest dailyClark Laughlin