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2018-11-29delete jobs already deleted with DELETE MERiku Voipio
These jobs have already been deleted with the DELETE ME name setup. Change-Id: I00807be3ff3fa2995c2915fbccaae429898b11c8
2018-11-27LAVA: Delete old jobsBenjamin Copeland
lavabot is no longer in use and as such these jobs should be disabled/deleted. Change-Id: I4ed1077e9aa3465812104c784ed534f0cbc7e8cf
2018-01-10Update other lava-bot tasks from changes in lava-serverNeil Williams
Change-Id: I9506ba97095eb25b77d2a19c3781b4ef65708889
2017-07-10Clean the obsolete egg info between testsNeil Williams
Change-Id: Ia8496d7ab1f19259aeed272fb1ca81c388e813f6
2017-07-10Ensure a clean tree at the startNeil Williams
Change-Id: Ie00b2d1de00b507eb0ffe10d2338cf28dd02ebcc
2017-07-10Fix reporting of applied reviewNeil Williams
Change-Id: Iba3f365e88f8f9b4aea7c18c0c6326e9ea28cf9f
2016-11-04{infrastructure,lava}: fix build name with gerrit revision appendedFathi Boudra
* remove linaro-publish-token, unused in these jobs * replace build-name by build-name-setter * always do a shallow clone * silence git checkout Change-Id: Idb8e69183669780d9b9601606cecca2af94fd921 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-10-20lava: allow retrigger jobsFathi Boudra
In order to enable "retrigger" from UI, add job-build/cancel permissions. Change-Id: I4d116e0c65a66aa7f621ae47820b9d4c101437f6 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-10-16lava: fix gerrit server name variableFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I1f742803d18f8ca97cbad8ec6ef6f4a90a400216 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-10-16Add config for lavabot usageNeil Williams
lava-server, lava-dispatcher and lava-tool Change-Id: I2334c22cd0d099aecf5b6cc9c0864fbc907bc106