path: root/jdkX-specjbb2015-benchmark.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-21jdk: Make SPECjbb2015 runs use jdk-cache-files2Stuart Monteith
2018-10-18jdk: Test only with default tier options.Stuart Monteith
2018-10-03jdk: Assign jdkX jobs to j12-qrep-01Stuart Monteith
2018-03-12jdk: specjbb2015 jdk11 override checksStuart Monteith
2018-03-12jdk: Remove module from specjbb2015 for jdk11Stuart Monteith
2018-03-12jdk: Make jdkX use jdk11 version of specjbb2015Stuart Monteith
2017-11-07jdk: Replace OpenJDK X name with OpenJDK JDKStuart Monteith
2017-11-07jdk: Create OpenJDK JDK build projects.Stuart Monteith