path: root/jdk9-build-image.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-06jdk: Update JDK binaries for jdk to 1708.Stuart Monteith
2017-01-16jdk: Build, package and use jtreg native librariesStuart Monteith
2016-12-05jdk: Disable jdk9 zero buildsStuart Monteith
2016-11-28jdk: Enable Hotspot client VM runsStuart Monteith
2016-10-31jdk: Update jdk9 jobs to match jdk8Stuart Monteith
2016-06-17jdk: remove Ed from mail notificationsFathi Boudra
2016-06-02jdk9-build-image: use Linaro jdk8u 16.05Fathi Boudra
2016-06-02jdk9-build-image: update cacerts locationFathi Boudra
2016-06-02jdk9-build-image: use Linaro jdk9 16.05Fathi Boudra
2016-04-23jdk-build-image: add Stuart to email notificationsFathi Boudra
2016-04-22jdk-build-image: send email notifications on build failureFathi Boudra
2016-02-29jdk-build-image: restrict where the build is doneFathi Boudra
2015-11-06jdk9-build-image: disable client jvm variantFathi Boudra
2015-11-06openjdk: use consistent display name across OpenJDK CI jobsFathi Boudra
2015-11-06jdk9-build-image: Add new OpenJDK9 CI job.Daniel Díaz