path: root/jdk8-specjbb2013-benchmark-publish-results.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-21Revert "jdk: Update SPEC baselines for jdk8"Stuart Monteith
2016-11-21jdk: Update SPEC baselines for jdk8Stuart Monteith
2016-10-31jdk8: Update jobs to use jdk8uStuart Monteith
2016-10-24jdk: Separate jdk8 from jdk9 persistent dataStuart Monteith
2016-10-07jdk: Add parameters to publish jobsStuart Monteith
2016-10-05jdk8: Add ssh-agent for publishing resultsStuart Monteith
2016-10-05jdk8: Make report publish destination configurableStuart Monteith
2016-08-24jdk8: Fix specjbb publishing, add email addressesStuart Monteith
2016-08-10jdk8: Move from logrotate to build-discarderStuart Monteith
2016-08-09jdk8: Replace ~openjdk-testing from the paths.Stuart Monteith
2015-11-06openjdk: use consistent display name across OpenJDK CI jobsFathi Boudra
2015-10-26jdk8-specjbb2013-benchmark-publish-results: add new OpenJDK CI jobFathi Boudra