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2016-10-31jdk8: Update jobs to use jdk8uStuart Monteith
And pass JDK_VERSION variable to scripts. This make splitting the jobs more easy to split between jdk8u and jdk9. Change-Id: I8d0d2ff61cbab955d7d144e18bdeab6b3d016a50
2016-10-24jdk: Separate jdk8 from jdk9 persistent dataStuart Monteith
Currently, we place jdk8 jobs into $HOME/srv/openjdk - change to $HOME/srv/openjdk8. Do likewise to jdk9 in another commit. Change-Id: I2c8229503d98d4d6e438523e5d9a5d9bfa9fff38
2016-08-23jdk8: Fix specjbb-persist job incoming pathStuart Monteith
Was missing label=${label} from path of incoming data. Change-Id: Ifb80e6ee43f1adbcfcb0c536537cfd6a721c48c9
2016-08-23jdk8: Fix specjbb paths and directory creation.Stuart Monteith
The directory SPECjbb2015-nightly-runs directory wasn't being created, it is assumed to always exists. Also, correct the name of TOPDIR to TOP_DIR as otherwies the scripts pay no attention, and create the directories in the wrong location. They should be under srv/openjdk. Change-Id: Iadf660705704d5dde2c1477e7884e01ea096932a
2016-08-22jdk8: Fix paths in SPECjbb2013 write results jobStuart Monteith
The path is wrong for incoming artifacts - add label. Also, the job seems out of date on jenkins compared to Jenkins. Change-Id: I67709a11cd83777ddda59042f368aaa028ecab01
2016-08-10jdk8: Move from logrotate to build-discarderStuart Monteith
There were warnings using the logrotate property. This replaces it with a build-discarder property. Change-Id: I6b34938eca86c050d2edb5aa70ab91a9c1b76d11
2016-08-09jdk8: Replace ~openjdk-testing from the paths.Stuart Monteith
Adds "PERSIST" variable which currently points to "$HOME/srv/openjdk". This removes a dependency on the ~openjdk-testing userid, which won't ever exist on ci.linaro.org. Removes dependency on the *-test-scripts directories being already checked out. Instead, the "jdk8-*-persist" jobs check out the test scripts and the "jdk8-*-publish" jobs reuse them. Change-Id: Id25f1f1ac2e9a33f63cb393b6f1e8c7eb3dee2e0
2015-11-06openjdk: use consistent display name across OpenJDK CI jobsFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I21c918bb514312c9f7ec821f934b9ca200e8b36b Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-10-26jdk8-specjbb2013-benchmark-persist-results: add new OpenJDK CI jobFathi Boudra
Change-Id: Ia52830b5ef549b146016b66637ccd882d955d97e Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>