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2018-10-03jdk: Disable JDK 9 and JDK 10 jobs.Stuart Monteith
With JDK 9 and 10 obsolete, disable these jobs. Change-Id: I2c0a6caf8b3895420d51eb8b1928b77360cda0b4
2018-04-13jdk: Update jdk10 builds to jdk10uStuart Monteith
JDK 10 is done and maintenance has moved onto the updates branch. Change-Id: I9fab7d577e906c4f0d1dcb72422432eca7c5cf77
2018-04-10jdk: jdk10-jtreg Fix bug introduced.Stuart Monteith
Was pulling in jdkX and not jdk10. Change-Id: I9a174682f1828a52ee200b92057f74b2155ee50c
2018-04-10jdk: Fix jdk10 hotspot runsStuart Monteith
There were some changes that needed propogated to jdk10. Change-Id: Ifc11feb4a698fc36fbe7fec837c72c562600a32e
2018-01-29jdk: Exclude hotspot apps jtreg test properly.Stuart Monteith
Instead of moving jtreg applications tests, exclude them properly - it is possible to do it cleanly. Change-Id: I997a33a38e73babbe1fe8a83f765c8c65bdc1903
2017-12-20jdk10: Enabled JDK10 builds with new repositoryStuart Monteith
The JDK10 source has forked from jdk/jdk to jdk/jdk10. This patch changes that and re-enabled the jobs. Change-Id: I1561cd6d042f311ac3dc3625f2d825cdc2c4249d
2017-11-22jdk: Disable JDK 10 buildsStuart Monteith
JDK10 repositories are never going to be updated. Disable all of the JDK 10 builds, before figuring out how to delete them. Change-Id: I4eccab5e7a33c922a90ed13295c8143b728a4784
2017-10-05jdk: jdk10 jtreg - fix subdir assumptionStuart Monteith
The hotspot tests have a different structure from langtools and jdk, having an additional layer "jtreg" and "gtest". We just run the jtreg tests. Change-Id: I620356e04ce216b29b30276c69b3fc2fb0c63369
2017-10-04jdk: Fix JDK10 jtreg pathsStuart Monteith
Tests have moved from "src/hotspot/test" to "src/test/hotspot/jtreg". Subsequent stages will probably need updating. Change-Id: I5daa617ccd2d0aa76206b80a05087cbab5192d2d
2017-09-26jdk: Change location of jtreg hotspot testsStuart Monteith
We move the applications jtreg tests so as to remove jcstress from scope for the testing. This removes a week or mores worth of testing from the daily builds. The combined source tree rearranged things. Change-Id: I5ae0fcde1ec67ceff2109aac5d41614eea4d99db
2017-09-15jdk: Exclude JCStress tests from JDK10 buildsStuart Monteith
Move the hotspot/tests/applications directory such that the jcstress tests are excluded. Fix this up if there are better means in the future. Change-Id: Ibe7cc63c60b4dfae6247d42c5a31185a6567ada4
2017-09-13jdk: Add jcstress to JTregs run for JDK10Stuart Monteith
JTReg will try to run jcstress tests on JDK10 onwards. This doesn't remove the jcstress or the separate reporting. It's ugly, inefficient and doesn't help analysis of problems, but this is an experiment to measure the execution time. Change-Id: I4b4925ddfd611d0d5ff3fc631444dcafaa9304bb
2017-09-06jdk: Kill leftover jstatd processes after jtregStuart Monteith
The jtreg tests often leave behind jstatd processes, which eventually bring the test machine to start failing jobs and eventually bring it to a halt. This change kills the jstatd processes after each run. This assumes there are no legitimate uses for jstatd outside of jtreg. jstatd allows the remote monitoring of JVM processes. Change-Id: Ib921650a222f1ba55233be26b6087dc95a801261
2017-09-06jdk: Add jdk10 jobsStuart Monteith
There is a JDK10 tree that needs built and tested - add the jobs. The jdk10-update-src-tree job is triggered manually until we have enough machine capacity. Change-Id: I5c72d9a80c3be1560bb1a891b47a4f3a03d8a83b