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2018-10-03jdk: Disable JDK 9 and JDK 10 jobs.Stuart Monteith
With JDK 9 and 10 obsolete, disable these jobs. Change-Id: I2c0a6caf8b3895420d51eb8b1928b77360cda0b4
2018-04-13jdk: Update jdk10 builds to jdk10uStuart Monteith
JDK 10 is done and maintenance has moved onto the updates branch. Change-Id: I9fab7d577e906c4f0d1dcb72422432eca7c5cf77
2017-12-20jdk10: Enabled JDK10 builds with new repositoryStuart Monteith
The JDK10 source has forked from jdk/jdk to jdk/jdk10. This patch changes that and re-enabled the jobs. Change-Id: I1561cd6d042f311ac3dc3625f2d825cdc2c4249d
2017-11-22jdk: Disable JDK 10 buildsStuart Monteith
JDK10 repositories are never going to be updated. Disable all of the JDK 10 builds, before figuring out how to delete them. Change-Id: I4eccab5e7a33c922a90ed13295c8143b728a4784
2017-11-10jdk: workspace permission for jdk10 buildStuart Monteith
Give openjdk-members access to the workspace of jdk10 builds. This is necessary to diagnosing problems. Change-Id: I502c63156edd3ba139edda820f0cd83f2aad2ecc
2017-09-06jdk: jdk10-build-image security directory wrong.Stuart Monteith
The jdk10 builds depend on jdk9 as a boot JDK. We need to change the location of the security directory from jdk9/jre/lib/security to jdk9/lib/security as this changed after jdk8. Change-Id: If6146a98843bf390a5c4f8792a6bc957ec3a4a9c
2017-09-06jdk: Remove primoridial JDK requirement from jdk10Stuart Monteith
We don't have a primodial JDK to rely upon. The builds don't currently use it. Change-Id: I556ee208d5c91c95454632d369e24ab9db4a2fb2
2017-09-06jdk: Update JDK binaries for jdk to 1708.Stuart Monteith
We build on the current version-1. Update the builds to the 1708 version of the Linaro engineering builds. Change-Id: I35c669ab68cb1c9e58dcb19cc3bc00c2369b94b0
2017-09-06jdk: Add jdk10 jobsStuart Monteith
There is a JDK10 tree that needs built and tested - add the jobs. The jdk10-update-src-tree job is triggered manually until we have enough machine capacity. Change-Id: I5c72d9a80c3be1560bb1a891b47a4f3a03d8a83b