path: root/build-rpm.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-05build-rpm: fix repo setup for stagingRicardo Salveti
2016-11-24build-rpm: combine yum install commandsRiku Voipio
2016-11-23build-rpm: enable target repos by defaultRicardo Salveti
2016-03-03build-rpm: fix rpm passingRiku Voipio
2016-03-03build-rpm: more debugRiku Voipio
2016-02-25correct rpm upload pathRiku Voipio
2016-02-24build-rpm: using wget with --progress=dot insteadRicardo Salveti
2016-01-22build-rpm: finishRiku Voipio
2016-01-22build-rpm: make it publish to linaro-staging by defaultRicardo Salveti
2016-01-22Initial version of build-rpm jobRiku Voipio