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2017-06-05android: publish bin files like bootloaderVishal Bhoj
Change-Id: Ibca4cccf0a4300c32af3c0f0f4f9d7eb84dc8600 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2017-04-13adroid: publish build_config.json as wellVishal Bhoj
Change-Id: I60ef3f57cb4aecb387ffc534812aa3919ba7beea Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2017-04-11linaro-art-tip microbenchmarks: Use lava-v2 to run microbenchmarksVishal Bhoj
Change-Id: I1241a5324783f9acae1ccfe0540dd21811f55097 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2017-02-02android-publisher: be more verboseDaniel Díaz
Set -x so that we can tell what's going on. Change-Id: I63a3091214a638120e8a79f2a04c8e6331c03dda Signed-off-by: Daniel Díaz <daniel.diaz@linaro.org>
2017-01-28android: add Android Publisher; eases handling of tokens/snapshotsDaniel Díaz
The current state of the jobs is that the publishing token is obtained right at the beginning of execution; then Android is built; then, and only then, the publishing part takes place, at a time in which the token might have expired already. The solution is to obtain the token right before publishing. Since obtaining the token is a build step in itself (not part of a script), it means that the shell script needs to be cut short in order to obtain the token, and then resumed. Because we would be adding a new shell step anyway, that process is moved onto a script that can be included directly as a build step. This calls for a few variables to be defined, to be passed to linaro-cp.py: * PUB_SRC Source directory. Default: "${HOME}/srv/${JOB_NAME}/build/out" * PUB_DEST Destination directory. No default. * PUB_EXTRA_INC Regexp of files to transfer. Default: none extra. Please note that the following includes are already in: * --include "^[^/]+[._](img[^/]*|tar[^/]*|xml|sh|config)$" * --include "^[BHi][^/]+txt$" * --include "^(MANIFEST|MD5SUMS|changelog.txt)$" If any other regexps are needed, those can be added: PUB_EXTRA_INC="^[^/]+[._](u-boot|MLO|dtb)$" Change-Id: I4759c53641e6882e420d7292ca08a0b971eec6ec Signed-off-by: Daniel Díaz <daniel.diaz@linaro.org>