path: root/android-tv
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-28android-lcr and android-tv hikey builds: update for xtest jobYongqin Liu
2017-06-05android-tv-hikey-n: fix uefi publishingVishal Bhoj
2017-06-01android-tv-hikey-n:build and publish uefiVishal Bhoj
2017-05-25hikey-android: update builds to use r8p0 mali releaseVishal Bhoj
2017-03-24android-tv-hikey-n: run xtest onlyVishal Bhoj
2017-03-23android-tv-hikey-n: fix typoVishal Bhoj
2017-03-23android-tv: fix lava job submissionVishal Bhoj
2017-03-23android-tv-hikey-n: use 25.0.2 plugin versionVishal Bhoj
2017-03-22android-tv-hikey-n: enable boot testingVishal Bhoj
2017-02-10android-tv-hikey-n: make artifacts publicVishal Bhoj
2017-02-06android-tv-hikey-n: fix publishing source directoryDaniel Díaz
2017-02-02android: conversion to new Android Publisher, rest of jobsDaniel Díaz
2017-01-06android-tv-hikey-n: fix 4gb userdata partition creationVishal Bhoj
2017-01-06android-tv-hikey-n: generate userdata for 4gb varaint alsoVishal Bhoj
2016-12-27android-tv-hikey-n: include LiveTV and fix build-infoVishal Bhoj
2016-12-26android-tv-hikey-n: remove lava job related cmdsVishal Bhoj
2016-12-26android-tv-hikey-n: Fix build issuesVishal Bhoj
2016-12-26android-tv-hikey-n: add aosp tv job for hikeyVishal Bhoj