path: root/android-lcr
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-13hikey lcr build: change to submit lava jobs to production instanceYongqin Liu
2017-11-10android-lcr: install libssl-dev packageYongqin Liu
2017-10-27android-lcr-reference-hikey-o: disable bootloader update for optee testingVishal Bhoj
2017-10-27android-lcr x15: fix the jobs submittedYongqin Liu
2017-10-25android x15 oreo build: update submit lava V2 jobsYongqin Liu
2017-10-13android lcr builds: move member builds to reference buildsYongqin Liu
2017-09-17android-lcr-reference-hikey-o: enable vts testVishal Bhoj
2017-09-15android hikey v2: enable boottime and media2 submissionYongqin Liu
2017-09-11android: delete sources after build to save spaceVishal Bhoj
2017-09-07android hikey oreo build: add test andebenchpro2015Yongqin Liu
2017-08-27android r-lcr hikey oreo build: remove submission of jobs which not supported...Yongqin Liu
2017-08-24android lcr: add builds for oreoYongqin Liu
2017-06-28android-lcr and android-tv hikey builds: update for xtest jobYongqin Liu
2017-06-27android lcr hikey build: upload fip.bin and l-loader.binYongqin Liu
2017-06-21android-lcr-reference-x20-n: add build configs for X20 reference LCR NougatYongqin Liu
2017-05-25hikey-android: update builds to use r8p0 mali releaseVishal Bhoj
2017-04-1396boards-hikey-aosp-master: make build_config.json publicVishal Bhoj
2017-04-10android lcr x15: fix problem for copying MLO u-bootYongqin Liu
2017-04-0596boards-hikey-aosp-master: make the build publicVishal Bhoj
2017-04-01android lcr: install lzop packageYongqin Liu
2017-02-08android-lcr: x15: fix publishing issuesVishal Bhoj
2017-02-07android-lcr: x15: fix mlo uboot publishingVishal Bhoj
2017-02-07android-lcr: hikey: fix lava job submissionVishal Bhoj
2017-02-06android-lcr: remove subset of repositories before syncVishal Bhoj
2017-02-06android-lcr: fix lava job submission download_urlVishal Bhoj
2017-02-05(dummy)android-lcr: x15: trigger job deploymentVishal Bhoj
2017-02-03android: remove dependency on PUBLISH_SERVERVishal Bhoj
2017-02-02android-publisher: fix extra includes' syntaxDaniel Díaz
2017-02-02android: conversion to new Android Publisher, rest of jobsDaniel Díaz
2017-01-31android: conversion to new Android Publisher, initial batchDaniel Díaz
2017-01-24android-lcr: enable extglobVishal Bhoj
2017-01-24android-lcr: delete all files before syncVishal Bhoj
2017-01-23x15: publish build-infoVishal Bhoj
2017-01-19android lcr: rm repositories in device/Yongqin Liu
2017-01-09android lcr: install liblz4-tool for lz4c commandYongqin Liu
2017-01-03android: Juno: disable not supported workloads jobsNaresh Kamboju
2017-01-03android lcr juno premerge ci: only keep basic and boottime testYongqin Liu
2016-12-14android-lcr/x15/builders.sh: remove kernel and uboot compiling partYongqin Liu
2016-12-14android hikey lcr: split cts part2 into 32bit and 64bit 2 jobsYongqin Liu
2016-12-11Replace python-pycurl by python-requestsFathi Boudra
2016-12-02x15 M-LCR premerge ci build: only submit single node jobsYongqin Liu
2016-11-25android lcr x15: update link for toolchainYongqin Liu
2016-11-25android lcr: add member build for X15Yongqin Liu
2016-11-24android lcr juno: replace to use boottime2 testYongqin Liu
2016-11-24android lcr hikey: remove job for sqlite testsYongqin Liu
2016-11-23android lcr hikey: add boottime test job templateYongqin Liu
2016-11-22android lcr: set premerge ci builds for hikey and junoYongqin Liu
2016-11-15android: fix git url for android-git.linaro.orgVishal Bhoj
2016-11-10android-lcr: add a premerge ci jobVishal Bhoj
2016-11-07android-generic-build: add support to patch the buildVishal Bhoj