path: root/android-lcr
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysandroid lcr x15: remove the deployment of cache partitionYongqin Liu
2019-02-01android lcr x15: fix template error in x15-bootYongqin Liu
2019-02-01lkft x15: fix problems on x15 job templatesYongqin Liu
2019-01-31lkft: update bootargs in Android x15 buildsMilosz Wasilewski
2019-01-22lcr common builder: rm wip dir before buildVictor Chong
2019-01-06android-lcr job template: support specification of loopcountYongqin Liu
2018-12-31android-lcr/lava jobdef/cts-module: fix var abi..Victor Chong
2018-12-28android-lcr/lava jobdef/cts-module: rm var abi..Victor Chong
2018-12-28android-lcr/lava jobdef/swg plans: change cts jobsVictor Chong
2018-12-28android-lcr/lava jobdef/cts-module: fold abi..Victor Chong
2018-12-27android-lcr/lava jobdef: add test to run cts..Victor Chong
2018-12-27android-lcr/lava jobdef/master: add template..Victor Chong
2018-12-22lcr/lava job def: add job for gtest..Victor Chong
2018-12-20clean build configs for deleted buildsYongqin Liu
2018-12-19lcr hikey builders-v2.sh: more settings for vendorimageYongqin Liu
2018-12-19android lcr hikey: fix problem for vendor-4.4 buildingYongqin Liu
2018-12-19android lcr hikey builds: clean kernel directoriesYongqin Liu
2018-12-18android-lcr/lava job def/plan swg: combine jobs v2Victor Chong
2018-12-18android-lcr/hikey/builders-v2.sh: build vendor.img for 4.4 kernelYongqin Liu
2018-12-17lcr hikey pie build: remove geekbench4 from change test planYongqin Liu
2018-12-13Revert "android-lcr: lava job def: plan swg: combine jobs"Victor Chong
2018-12-12android-lcr: lava job def: plan swg: combine jobsVictor Chong
2018-12-07vts-{gatekeeper,keymaster}.yaml: increase priorityVictor Chong
2018-12-06xtest-lmg.yaml: make lava job description clearerVictor Chong
2018-12-05android lcr vts job: change to use aggregatedYongqin Liu
2018-12-03android-hikey-optee: trigger lava testsVictor Chong
2018-11-28android lcr job templates: add adb-join-wifi for hikey jobsYongqin Liu
2018-11-27android-lcr hikey: export PLAN_CHANGE and PLAN_WEEKLYYongqin Liu
2018-11-26hikey lcr p builds: update test plansYongqin Liu
2018-11-26make hikey lcr builds publicYongqin Liu
2018-11-20android-lcr/common/builders.sh: remove projectVictor Chong
2018-11-14lava-job-definitions: fix installation of android platform toolsChase Qi
2018-11-07android-lcr/common/builders.sh: remove optee projectsYongqin Liu
2018-10-25android lcr hikey: vendor.img.xz/ramdisk.imgYongqin Liu
2018-10-17hi6220-hikey-deploy-master: remove the deployment of cache partitionYongqin Liu
2018-09-24android-lcr.builders: reset tree before init/syncJulien Duraj
2018-09-13android lcr vts-part1.yaml: exclude the VtsKernelNetTestYongqin Liu
2018-09-08android-generic-build.: start with a clean buildVishal Bhoj
2018-09-03android-lcr: add monkey testYongqin Liu
2018-08-31android-lcr builds: changed to use noninteractive-tradefed for vts and cts testYongqin Liu
2018-08-29android-lcr/x15/builders-v2.sh: fix the problem of getting kernel commit infoYongqin Liu
2018-08-29lkft x15 builds: export KERNEL_DESCRIBEYongqin Liu
2018-08-03android lcr vts jobs: fix some problemsYongqin Liu
2018-07-11hi6220-hikey-deploy-master: remove hi6220-hikey-deploy-master for vendor part...Yongqin Liu
2018-07-10android lcr cts & vts templates: add ANDROID_VERSION for master buildsYongqin Liu
2018-07-09android lcr hikey and x15 builds: export CTS_PKG_URL/VTS_PKG_URL/ANDROID_VERS...Yongqin Liu
2018-07-09android-lcr/common/builders.sh: rm kernel/ti/x15Yongqin Liu
2018-07-09android-lcr/common/submit_for_testing.sh: fix problem related to path settingsYongqin Liu
2018-07-08android-lcr hikey builds: support vendor partition for master buildsYongqin Liu
2018-07-08android lcr x15 plan_weekly_x15: rm xtest-lmg and add basicYongqin Liu