path: root/android-clang-toolchain
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-10Disable Windows cross-toolchain buildsBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-08-27Fix patch applicationBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-08-26Rewrite the Android Clang toolchain builderBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-06-05Update cmake; build BPF and Hexagon targetsBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-04-15android-clang-toolchain: package libFuzzer headersBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-04-15android-clang-toolchain: put libraries into lib64Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-04-15android-clang-toolchain: build with ninja instead of makeBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-04-15android-clang-toolchain: use newer cmakeBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-04-13Bootstrap with clang+llvm 6.0.0Bernhard Rosenkränzer
2017-12-22android-clang-toolchain: fix build failureVishal Bhoj
2017-12-22android-clang: remove fetching openjdk8 deb packageVishal Bhoj
2017-12-21android-clang: set path for repo toolVishal Bhoj
2017-12-15Clang master error is fixed upstream:Linaro CI
2017-12-14Workaround for upstream Clang errorLinaro CI
2017-10-24Update for clang upstream buildLinaro CI
2017-10-23Update for aosp master build with clang masterLinaro CI
2017-10-23Update for aosp master build with clang masterLinaro CI
2017-10-20Update for aosp master build with clang masterLinaro CI
2017-10-19Update for aosp master build with clang masterMinSeong Kim
2017-02-24Fix build error for android-clang-toolchainMinSeong Kim
2017-02-23Change clang master's build config and versionMinseong Kim
2016-12-26android-clang-toolchain: install linaro-cp dependenyVishal Bhoj
2016-11-14android-clang-toolchain: fix publishingVishal Bhoj
2016-11-14android-clang-toolchain: don't hardcode the home dirFathi Boudra
2016-11-14android: add clang toolchain buildVishal Bhoj