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2017-11-23openembedded-lkft: remove emails from recipient listMilosz Wasilewski
All emails are now delivered via lkft-maintainers and lkft-triage mailing lists. Change-Id: Id29e5aa0097ca1c526521cb53db7fb32735069e2 Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-23lkft: disable staging build jobsMilosz Wasilewski
In order to redesign the staging-lkft group, the current jobs need to be disabled. Change-Id: I8771cbb01fbf85330187dfe083f3ea33abac5d8f Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-23lite-aeolus-micropython: Switch to zephyr-wip branch for CMake migrationPaul Sokolovsky
While the migration and underway and in flux, switch to WIP branch to at least be helpful somewhat, instead of being just broken. Change-Id: Ic57b47356f207ebfd514befd526d944f820769cd
2017-11-23lt-qcom: move submit for testing into their own scriptsFathi Boudra
It's easier to compare and consistent with the other jobs. Change-Id: I6aab51123c30b5c47abb5fddd76e72ff84f3a860 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-23linaro-hikey-stable-rc-4.4-merge-and-tag: differentiate multiple tags on ↵Daniel Díaz
same day Some times, the same 4.4 RC branch might be updated on the very same day before it can be considered final (as final as an RC can be deemed), and the job would fail because the tag upon the merge has already been employed. This change introduces an unique suffix (BUILD_NUMBER)for the tag in case there is more than one on the same day. This is also compatible with other jobs that relying on sorting of tags using `sort -V`. Change-Id: I15c2166f62ce619a161986af05cf5e7b268262f3 Signed-off-by: Daniel Díaz <daniel.diaz@linaro.org>
2017-11-23mbl-openembedded: generate the lava job definition in the workspaceFathi Boudra
Change-Id: Ibc18a27d1240abb3328aaf7575df2eea24b0e314 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-23mbl-openembedded: submit to LAVAFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I0dc1d40901730f34e0f16464a8bc97c65b2ae30d Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-23lt-qcom-linux: fix logrotate deprecated syntaxFathi Boudra
Change-Id: Ia142f6eca050e9b30c6c23cb5b7bbc46ad44ec48 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-23mbl-openembedded: rpi3: add lava-job-definitionsRyan Harkin
Add a LAVA job definition for RaspberryPi3. This is based on the LAVA Lab health check by Dave Pigott: https://git.linaro.org/lava/lava-lab.git/tree/shared/health-checks/bcm2837-rpi-3-b-32.yaml Change-Id: I1e7db64d2c74df2b51d9b1c32c6ef1688584e75d Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom-linux: fix matrix buildNicolas Dechesne
Change-Id: I4c62b56cc3f50014efd0583bdd65b8ce87f5773e Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom-linux: add support for building both arm64 adn arm32Nicolas Dechesne
We want to build the LT QCOM kernel for arm(hf) and arm64. This patch adds a matrix build for $ARCH. Some variables need to be adjusted accordingly. We generate 2 source packages for each arch that we build, since we upload the source packages twice into the same archive. Change-Id: Id21823f3609f28fde1c257afd276b89fa974e660 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom: fix base_template for db410cMilosz Wasilewski
Change-Id: Icbc98f2838a40897eca295aa90b23f9fa5c27866 Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom: LAVA base_template.yaml small fixAníbal Limón
Remove escape "" in RESIZE_ROOTFS variable because it causes to don't detect empty string. Change-Id: If59ab0ef3ea9bc96bdfb7b3aef87ac5e19e55224 Signed-off-by: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom-{debian,openembedded}.yaml: Fix LAVA test job submissionAníbal Limón
Missing a \ to continue parameters in submit_for_testing.py call. Change-Id: I1ef14bab9e86efcbd04877ccea89a04a6ea9e8f8 Signed-off-by: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org>
2017-11-22jdk: Disable JDK 10 buildsStuart Monteith
JDK10 repositories are never going to be updated. Disable all of the JDK 10 builds, before figuring out how to delete them. Change-Id: I4eccab5e7a33c922a90ed13295c8143b728a4784
2017-11-22android-hikey-linaro-4.9-pmwg: remove extra spaceFathi Boudra
Change-Id: If7b3d99c6ceddb4ae8e1555689615c20de1f1227 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lkft: improve email notificationVishal Bhoj
Send notification about failed builds only. Use a shorter email subject. Change-Id: Iccfc0c838d6bcb32da741905f333c5c87344af44 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2017-11-22rpb-openembedded: fix BOOT_IMGFathi Boudra
The pattern is too much restrictive and apply only to Dragonboard. Add a wildcard so it will work for HiKey too. Change-Id: I63bb780872b8998fd0246c1c8b3171067cc2c621 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-22openembedded-lkft: 410c: fix BOOT_IMG valueFathi Boudra
The current pattern is too restrictive and applies only to HiKey. Remove the "uefi" component to works also on 410c. Change-Id: I7c11b5f13426622b61a4d206154e7d924678d4d2 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom-debian-images-dragonboard410c: Add support for LAVA testingAníbal Limón
- Use the same templates as an OE build and the same test plans without ptest because isn't available on debian. - Use the openembedded-lkft scripts to send the job to QA-REPORTS and LAVA. Change-Id: I37406498d5c8a6ec1a3157070e352fc82b1403c5 Signed-off-by: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom: Changes to make LAVA templates usable in OE/DebianAníbal Limón
- Move the LAVA templates from lt-qcom-openembedded-rpb to lt-qcom. - Use --template-base-pre to avoid duplication on protocols (LXC) and deploy/boot images, the actual templates only differs on description and test plans. - Change namespace of target devices to dragonboard410c instead of dragonboard410c-oe. - Add parameters to set OS_INFO, DEPLOY_OS and BOOT_OS_PROMPT that differs on OE and Debian. - Add support to use LXC containers to execute a conversion of boot or rootfs in this case be able to resize the rootfs, now LXC_BOOT_FILE and LXC_ROOTFS_FILE parameters are needed. - Adapt lt-qcom-openembedded-rpb-morty jenkins template to use the new LAVA generic templates created. Change-Id: I7fd88831ce041eef374f3a4bf0a2cf72cbfa04fa Signed-off-by: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org>
2017-11-22lt-qcom-debian-images: fix bootloader file namesNicolas Dechesne
A recent commit changed the name of the published files for the QCOM bootloaders packages. These files are used when we create images, but they were not updated accordingly. Change-Id: Ib1b93d90481fb56f818fd0ff8dd3e57297a36270 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-22jdk: Give permissions to read workspaceStuart Monteith
Give openjdk-members access to workspace for debugging. Change-Id: I26d20e5e12a75106046a2cddf9ee02a52aa0fb0b
2017-11-22trigger-debian-fai: use trigger-parameterized-buildsFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I47e7efdc0597a75775d8f97d9c6dec0a57b393bb Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-22openembedded-lkft: replace SKIPLIST with SKIPFILENaresh Kamboju
kselftest skipfiles created as per ${DEVICE_TYPE} and ${KERNEL_VERSION} Remove build parameter "KSELFTEST_SKIPLIST" Ref: LKFT: move kselftest skiplists to git https://projects.linaro.org/browse/QA-1759 Change-Id: Ie13cee2140ae3d0a815e66260582af85673cbc83 Signed-off-by: Naresh Kamboju <naresh.kamboju@linaro.org>
2017-11-22mbl-openembedded: generate and display manifest changesRyan Harkin
I copied the relevant changes from these two commits to show manifest changes since the last build: 263f4a9 2017-11-09 rpb-openembedded: display the manifest changes [Fathi Boudra] 81802db 2017-10-17 rpb-openembedded: generate output of repo diffmanifests [Nicolas Dechesne] Change-Id: I8e26e993f267c6be8230fe45e4af709b053b85f7 Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org>
2017-11-22trigger-debian-fai: fix triggersNicolas Dechesne
Change-Id: I14893ecf7b497faf102a5557618f0603a9da262d Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-22trigger-debian-fai: new jobNicolas Dechesne
Monitor FAI git tree and schedule jobs when there are changes. Change-Id: Iebb465da6d23329443823048a0e7bb3d889a3a46 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-21openembedded-lkft/submit_for_testing.py: Add --template-base-{pre,post} optionAníbal Limón
Sometimes you could have different templates with the only difference of what to test in the target device or the deployment/boot stepts. Defining a base template to apply pre or post helps you to get rid of duplicated code in templates. Change-Id: Ie1902304836696d499d88daa4e236238bf2ff2ea Signed-off-by: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-21openembedded-lkft: lava-template: juno: increase deploy timeoutNaresh Kamboju
Increase deploy timeout for juno devices. Allow more time to download rootfs ~150MB tar file. Error: download-retry failed: 'http-download timed out after 118 seconds' Change-Id: I3468b393553c401aca3bfce76a22e898ac476f7f Signed-off-by: Naresh Kamboju <naresh.kamboju@linaro.org>
2017-11-21rpb-openembedded-master: reduce the number of buildsFathi Boudra
Reduce the noise until there's more time to spare in fixing master. Change-Id: Ica11776934d04220dd06d426fdb946e344e702d5 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-21lkft: hikey-aosp: make the build silentFathi Boudra
Reduce the noise in the build log. Relevant info like warnings/errors are still shown. Change-Id: I6ff08ab4fc34fca56fb759e79a0c7655e65a0e4d Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-21android-hikey-linaro-4.9-pmwg: invert warnings/errors orderFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I299ca3482cface08e6728c04f0ca59e697e9589e Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-21openembedded-lkft-linux-stable-rc: fix email-ext recipients syntaxFathi Boudra
Add missing comma. Change-Id: I2a28fc8e2783b98688c0811f93d0d31944204346 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-20rpb-kernel-latest: skip archive if upto dateRiku Voipio
Change-Id: I5b23ef102d6440509c6b08001f662963316e7247 Signed-off-by: Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@linaro.org>
2017-11-20trigger-lt-qcom-openembedded-images: implement local git polling triggerFathi Boudra
There's still issue with detecting git remote changes with multiple SCM. As discussed in the past, one way to resolve this issue is to do the logic in the trigger job directly. Change-Id: I3e0bf5545421a76a5f6c124673a3e72e6478d87c Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-20openembedded-lkft-linux-stable-rc-4.14: enable the buildsFathi Boudra
Change-Id: If802d9cc56220577b08a613885928ffed0f8a06c Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-20lt-qcom-bootloader: fix typo in ZIP file contentNicolas Dechesne
Since previous cleanup the path of the files inside the archives included an additional 'out' folder. Change-Id: I2680c485ae38d92de7de7977ccfadc2fe4c04f8f Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-18openembedded-lkft: use the kernel metadataFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I7d77d693b23eddb4996f61800a3812e66de5beda Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-18openembedded-lkft: fix KeyErrorFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I4b9ca31f2cee3ff644b5ab8819f5ce878fe1fffb Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-18openembedded-lkft: fix KeyError: 'KSELFTESTS_REVISION'Fathi Boudra
* Move KSELFTEST_PATH as a parameter. * Set mainline/next metadata based on QA_SERVER_PROJECT value. Change-Id: I166b6b652a57022d0880b28dd7ec55a7ac6b8244 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-18openembedded-lkft: notify lkft-triage ML about new buildsMilosz Wasilewski
On each completed build the email is sent to lkft-triage mailing list. Change-Id: If5376a0c8320a5af33d410db7fe6ddca07474f65 Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-18openembedded-lkft: fix URL for kernel configMilosz Wasilewski
URL for kernel config was pointing to defconfig. This patch fixes the problem and provides additional URL that points to defconfig. Change-Id: I0c3f656ca1e07d7f63ee0d8ee40a2d9683da8bca Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-17lt-qcom-bootloader: fix typoNicolas Dechesne
Change-Id: I92329f51c9d39020e7551895acef854a21be00fb Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-17openembedded-lkft: set kselftests version for mainline and nextMilosz Wasilewski
This patch changes the version of kselftests executed on mainline and next kernels to the one that comes from the same source as the kernel itself. All other kernels remain on the 'current stable' version of kselftests. Version of the mainline and next kselftests is reported as 'make kernelversion'. The URL points to the git repository URL and revision is set to git commit ID that the kernel was built from. Change-Id: Iedf0d0f24ec8b0f9987215d4e6a0c551f7886e84 Signed-off-by: Milosz Wasilewski <milosz.wasilewski@linaro.org>
2017-11-17lt-qcom-debian-images: fix typosNicolas Dechesne
Change-Id: I1e9de2e99207e5cd0a161d5cc2a43acdfc8fa5d8 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-17lt-qcom-*: sanitize released images and zip filesNicolas Dechesne
We are carrying a few inconsistencies in the released file names, this patch fixes them all, and align all output file using the same naming conventions. The following changes are done: * all output images (and zip) must contain the board name, such as dragonboard-410c or dragonboard-820c * all ZIP files include a top level folder that includes BUILD_NUMBER * the date has been removed from the file names, only BUILD_NUMBER is kept. All debug/date info is available in the build log if needed * "_" have been replaced with "-" * Some released files did not have a VERSION string (such as the rescue SD image), it now includes it. * db410c and db820c have been replaced with dragonboard-410c and dragonboard-820c whenever needed Change-Id: Iebeef251fe0e520cbb17a1a31436f7da7414c5d9 Signed-off-by: Nicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>
2017-11-17rpb-debian-install: prefer backportsRiku Voipio
The previous fix is not enough, we need to set up pin to make packages get pulled from backports into the installer. To fix https://bugs.linaro.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3475 Change-Id: I1abdd8de2a36dae09d221c9656aa13d183785e6a
2017-11-17tcwg-abe-tested: use multiscm syntaxFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I71e54af593a47b2aedb5e5087b50dcdb2b195a22 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2017-11-17qemu-docker: disable lava jobsRiku Voipio
Disable lava job submissions temporarily, until the jobs have been updated to V2 lava. Change-Id: I9b8f2bdf78b7c572187b0f45393c9fc6961e86a7