path: root/96boards-helium/hwpacks/linaro-helium
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-01hikey: add ti-wlconf packageFathi Boudra
2015-07-1696boards-helium: switch serial console to ttyS3Fathi Boudra
2015-07-1596boards-helium: add TI uim, calibrator and firmwareFathi Boudra
2015-06-3096boards-helium: reduce boot_min_size to 32MFathi Boudra
2015-06-3096boards-helium: update initrd addressFathi Boudra
2015-06-2996boards-helium: use fat partition for bootFathi Boudra
2015-06-2996boards-helium: add new build job for Helium (Marvell PXA1928)Fathi Boudra