AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
41 hoursopenebedded-lkft: disable builds from AOSP treesHEADmasterMilosz Wasilewski
42 hourslhg-openembedded-playready-morty: Update gerrit build bot message and meta-lh...Peter Griffin
2 daysjdk: Add missing incoming dir to terasort jobsStuart Monteith
2 daysjdk: Fix incorrect path in terasortStuart Monteith
2 daysrpb-openembedded: Add trigger for SumoDaniel Díaz
2 daysrpb-openembedded: Add trigger for RockoDaniel Díaz
3 daysjdk: Test only with default tier options.Stuart Monteith
3 daysbhoj-test: test commitVishal Bhoj
3 dayslhg-oe-build: add more robotframework tests for morty, fix test job nameArthur She
3 daysandroid-hikey-linaro-4.9-pmwg: Update CI job namesLisa Nguyen
3 daysPrioritize mainline sanity jobsDan Rue
4 dayshi6220-hikey-deploy-master: remove the deployment of cache partitionYongqin Liu
5 daysopenembedded-lkft-lsk: Update LSK jobs with recent changes from LKFTDaniel Díaz
5 daystcwg_kernel: Revert trigger to dailyMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg_kernel: Force SCM triggerMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 dayslkft-hikey-aosp: update baselineVishal Bhoj
6 daystcwg_kernel: Add missing --target parameterMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 daystcwg-dev-build-christophe: Prefix target with "cross-"Christophe Lyon
6 daystcwg_kernel: Switch back to normal daily trigger.Maxim Kuvyrkov
6 daystcwg_kernel: Enable v7 jobs.Maxim Kuvyrkov
6 daystcwg_kernel: Remove stale jobs and force trigger of new jobs.Maxim Kuvyrkov
6 daysjdk: jdkX-ci-build email correction.Stuart Monteith
6 daysjdk: jdkX-ci-build fix email and success triggerStuart Monteith
6 daysRevert "trigger-lkft-notify-developer: Disable for now"Daniel Díaz
6 dayslhg-oe-build:Arthur She
6 daysledge: update distro name and bitbake targetMaxim Uvarov
6 daysjdk: Change jdkX-ci-build to email only failureStuart Monteith
6 daysjdk: Synch jdk8 & 11 with jdkX jobsStuart Monteith
6 daystcwg_kernel: Rework to use LLVM crossMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 daysRename tcwg-llvm-kernel.yaml to tcwg_kernel.yamlMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 daystcwg-llvm-kernel: Rename jobs to tcwg_kernel-*Maxim Kuvyrkov
8 daystrigger-android-weekly-builds.yaml: trigger android-lcr-reference-hikey-p wee...Yongqin Liu
8 daystrigger-lkft-notify-developer: Disable for nowDaniel Díaz
9 daysjdk: Add changes to email for jdkX-ci-buildStuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: Remove debuginfo files from jdkX-ci-buildStuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: Improve jdkX-ci-build emailStuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: Delete jdk-cache-files.yamlStuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: Add jdk-cache-files so it can be deletedStuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: jdkX-ci-build build once an hourStuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: jdkX-ci-build remove workspace cleanup.Stuart Monteith
9 daysjdk: jdkX-ci-build doesn't need artefact name vars.Stuart Monteith
9 daysadd android-hikey-optee p and master buildsVictor Chong
9 daysandroid-hikey-optee-o: rename to android-hikey-optee/commonVictor Chong
9 daysandroid-hikey-optee-o: change trigger to weekly..Victor Chong
9 daysandroid-hikey-linaro-4.9-pmwg: Update template-names parameterLisa Nguyen
10 daysjdk: jdkX-ci-build make hourly, don't save logStuart Monteith
10 daysjdk: jdk-ci-build - change workspace cleaning.Stuart Monteith
10 daysjdk: Fix location of cached files.Stuart Monteith
10 daysjdk: Make jdk-ci-build job keep sourceStuart Monteith
10 daysjdk: Update jobs to use jdk-cache-files2Stuart Monteith