AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
37 hourslt-qcom-openembedded-meta-qcom-master-premerge: add dunfell PRHEADmasterNicolas Dechesne
38 hourslt-qcom/meta-qcom: remove rm_workNicolas Dechesne
38 hourslt-qcom-openembedded-meta-qcom-master-premerge: add timestamps to build logNicolas Dechesne
38 hourslt-qcom/meta-qcom: fix typoNicolas Dechesne
43 hourslt-qcom-openembedded-meta-qcom-master-premerge: fix up jobNicolas Dechesne
43 hoursrpb-openembedded-master-meta-qcom-premerge-ci: remove jobNicolas Dechesne
44 hourstcwg-llvm-release: Change default image to bionicDiana Picus
2 dayslkft/common/builders-v2.sh: add check for the kernel directoryYongqin Liu
2 dayslkft/common/builders-v2.sh: fix the exit problem when .config not foundYongqin Liu
3 dayslkft: change to trigger x15 4.14 build by kernel changesYongqin Liu
3 dayslkft/common/builders-v2.sh: update the method for finding .configYongqin Liu
3 dayszephyr-upstream: Update to Zephyr SDK 0.11.3.Paul Sokolovsky
3 dayslite-aeolus-openamp: Submit to qa-reports by default.Paul Sokolovsky
3 dayslkft: add templates for CtsKeystoreTestCases and CtsWindowManagerDeviceTestCasesYongqin Liu
3 dayssubmit_for_testing-v2.sh: set TEST_METADATA_TOOLCHAIN with info from misc_inf...Yongqin Liu
3 daysledge: fix qemuarm bootMaxim Uvarov
3 dayslite-*/zephyr-*: Switch LAVA server/token to validation.linaro.org.Paul Sokolovsky
3 dayslite-aeolus-jerryscript: Switch LAVA server/token to validation.linaro.org.Paul Sokolovsky
3 dayslt-qcom/meta-qcom: fix meta-qcom folder locationNicolas Dechesne
3 daysledge: fix prompts for all ledge targetsMaxim Uvarov
3 daysrpb-openembedded-*: send emails only when it failsNicolas Dechesne
3 dayslt-qcom/meta-qcom: set BRANCH properly when testing Github PRNicolas Dechesne
3 daystrigger-rpb-openembedded-*: reduce the frequency of buildsNicolas Dechesne
3 dayslt-qcom-openembedded: DB845c test remove thermal gpu heat crashAníbal Limón
3 dayslt-qcom-openembedded: DB845c test fix eth device name and wait on wlan scanAníbal Limón
3 daystrigger-lt-qcom-openembedded-images-*: reduce frequency of buildsNicolas Dechesne
4 dayslt-qcom-openembedded-meta-qcom-master: add some github optionsNicolas Dechesne
4 dayslt-qcom-openembedded-meta-qcom: add premerge for meta-qcomNicolas Dechesne
4 dayslt-qcom-debian-images: DB845c test add 15sec delay between up/scanAníbal Limón
4 dayslkft-x15-aosp-master-mainline.yaml: disable it firstYongqin Liu
4 dayslt-qcom-debian-images: DB845c remove double includment of tokenAníbal Limón
4 dayslt-qcom-debian-images: DB845c testing fixAníbal Limón
4 daystcwg_cross: New CI loops to test aarch64/armhf cross-toolchains and QEMUMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg_kernel: Set missing PURPOSE=ciMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg_gnu: Split into tcwg_binutils and tcwg_gccMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg/round-robin.sh: Allow flexibility for build_scriptMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 dayslite-aeolus-openamp: Use pip3 to install "requests".Paul Sokolovsky
4 dayslite-aeolus-micropython: Disable not-useful LAVA notifications.Paul Sokolovsky
4 daysse: sync 4.9 trigger to 4.19Ryan Harkin
4 dayswarp7: reduce pollscm timeRyan Harkin
4 daysledge: remove bios.tgzMaxim Uvarov
4 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Fix reference to build scriptMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg_gnu: Pass required parameters to build/bisect stepsMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 dayszephyr-upstream: submit_for_testing: Fix indentation for stats.Paul Sokolovsky
4 daystcwg_gnu: Fix #{RR} definitionMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg_bmk/tcwg_bmk.yaml.inc: DeleteMaxim Kuvyrkov
4 daysledge: qemuarm64_atf_fip: remove duplicate actionsMaxim Uvarov
5 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Cleanup SCM definitionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Cleanup parameter definitionsMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg_bmk, tcwg_gnu, tcwg_kernel: Unify wrappers and publishersMaxim Kuvyrkov