AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hoursci-terraform-sanity-check: less noiseHEADmasterRiku Voipio
31 hoursci-terraform-sanity-check: try ansicolorRiku Voipio
31 hourstcwg-*: Increate num-to-keepChristophe Lyon
31 hourstcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Run on tcwg-x86_64-dev-01Christophe Lyon
32 hoursci-terraform-sanity-check: another fixRiku Voipio
32 hoursci-terraform-sanity-check: fixRiku Voipio
33 hoursandroid: fix parser-rules path - part 1Fathi Boudra
34 hoursci-terraform-sanity-check: install terraform as neededRiku Voipio
35 hourstcwg-cleanup-stale-containers: Fix typo.Christophe Lyon
2 daysopenembedded-lkft: Add Rocko verifierDaniel Díaz
2 dayszephyr-upstream, lite-aeolus: Update to Zephyr SDK 0.10.0.Paul Sokolovsky
2 daysautoware-ros-kinetic: initial build jobFathi Boudra
2 daysART benchmarks: remove boot.oat from archiveJulien Duraj
2 daysci-terraform-sanity-check: better wayRiku Voipio
2 daystcwg-cleanup-stale-containers: Handle dangling volumes on dev machinesMaxim Kuvyrkov
3 dayslt-qcom-linux-test: Enable testing on db820c for mainline buildsAníbal Limón
3 dayslkft premerge trigger builds: add remote of git.kernel.orgYongqin Liu
3 daystcwg_gnu.yaml: Set default value of scripts_branch to master.Prathamesh Kulkarni
3 daysci-terraform-sanity-check: terraform sanity check scriptRiku Voipio
3 daystcwg-buildslave-command: Keep the last 100 runsChristophe Lyon
3 daystcwg-buildslave-command, tcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Add a meaningful prefix t...Christophe Lyon
3 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Don't block top-level jobChristophe Lyon
3 daystcwg-buildslave-command: Send an email in case of failureChristophe Lyon
3 daystcwg_gnu.yaml: Add profiledbootstrap for normal and LTO configs.Prathamesh Kulkarni
4 daysopenembedded-lkft: Use Sumo as RPB baseline instead of RockoDaniel Díaz
4 daystcwg-binutils: Add tcwg-sq_32-build and tcwg-sq_64-buildChristophe Lyon
4 daystcwg-binutils: Remove tcwg-tx1_64-buildChristophe Lyon
4 daysbhoj-test: fix typoVishal Bhoj
4 daysbhoj-test: update test jobVishal Bhoj
5 daystcwg_bmk: Fix LLVM parametersMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg_bmk: Fix LLVM buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 dayslkft hikey 9.0 and premerge builds: update reference buildYongqin Liu
5 daystcwg_gnu: Run on both APMs and SynQuacersMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daysRevert "Revert "tcwg-cleanup-stale-workspaces: Block on NODE level""Maxim Kuvyrkov
5 daysRevert "tcwg-cleanup-stale-workspaces: Block on NODE level"Maxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Experiment with nodesMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Experiment with nodes settingMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Don't use multi-line predefined parametersMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: FixMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Add ssh keys to start docker containerMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Enable reworked jobMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: ReworkMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-update-snapshots_ref: Prepare for reworkMaxim Kuvyrkov
6 dayslkft: fix several problems.Yongqin Liu
6 daysandroid lcr: make lcr pie x15 build triggered weeklyYongqin Liu
7 dayslkft hikey premerge builds: specify branches explicitlyYongqin Liu
7 daystrigger-lkft-hikey-aosp-4.14-premerge-ci.yaml: test with github triggerYongqin Liu
8 daysopenembedded-lkft: RT 4.9: Use LKFT distroDaniel Díaz
8 daysopenembedded-lkft: RT 4.4: Fix job display nameDaniel Díaz
8 daysopenembedded-lkft-linux-stable-rt-4.4: Use LKFT distroDaniel Díaz