AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 hourslhg-oe-build/lhg-oe-rocko: migrate the LAVA jobs to production LAVA instanceHEADmasterAndrey Konovalov
14 hourstcwg-abe-extended: Use branch names for EOL GCC versions.Maxim Kuvyrkov
17 hoursleg-kolla: remove neutron-server-opendaylight from buildMarcin Juszkiewicz
17 hoursupdate centos staging for ERPRiku Voipio
17 hoursLKFT: Change job priorities to be more granularDan Rue
19 hourslava-dispatcher-docker: fix the filenameFathi Boudra
19 hourslava-dispatcher-docker: fix pushd callFathi Boudra
20 hoursandroid-lcr/common/submit_for_testing.sh: fix check for IMAGE_EXTENSIONYongqin Liu
22 hoursLKFT: Staging: Use RC branches not stableDan Rue
24 hourszephyr: separate arm/master output directoriesDaniel Díaz
33 hourstcwg-binutils: Add arm-uclinuxfdpiceabi target.Christophe Lyon
34 hoursLKFT: templates: Respect job_timeout in test blockDan Rue
38 hoursFix lavabot run to fail on errorNeil Williams
39 hourszephyr: delete output prior to buildDaniel Díaz
40 hourstcwg-upstream-monitoring: Fix typo.Christophe Lyon
41 hoursandroid-hikey-linaro-4.9-pmwg: Update ptable image url for HiKey960Lisa Nguyen
42 hourstcwg-upstream-monitoring: Restrict to master branch.Christophe Lyon
43 hoursleg-kolla*: push imagesMarcin Juszkiewicz
44 hoursmbl: increase timeoutsRyan Harkin
46 hourslava-dispatcher-docker: fix check-contentRiku Voipio
46 hourstcwg-upstream-monitoring: Switch remote name to 'origin'.Christophe Lyon
47 hoursleg-kolla*: stop building opendaylightMarcin Juszkiewicz
2 dayslkft-hikey-aosp: use git clone to pull toolchainVishal Bhoj
2 daystcwg-upstream-monitoring: Move scm section into the job definition.Christophe Lyon
2 daysrpb-kernel-enterprise-rpm: UpdatesRiku Voipio
3 daysleg-kolla*: now we can allow it to failMarcin Juszkiewicz
3 daysleg-kolla*: do whole cleanup in cleanup_exit()Marcin Juszkiewicz
3 dayslt-qcom-debian-images/submit_for_testing.sh: db820c Fix QA reports project nameAníbal Limón
3 daysleg-kolla: download linaro.conf fileFathi Boudra
3 daystcwg-upstream-monitoring: Make sure all targets will the same revision.Christophe Lyon
3 daysleg-kolla*: cleanly define which images we want to buildMarcin Juszkiewicz
3 daysleg-kolla*: disable push for nowMarcin Juszkiewicz
3 daysLKFT: Unzip quietlyDan Rue
3 daysmbl: increase bananapi-zero timeoutRyan Harkin
3 daysmbl: fix bananapi-zero disk image layoutRyan Harkin
4 dayslhg-oe-build: update LHG LAVA jobs to use hikey-r2Andrey Konovalov
4 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge: Fix multiline variables in envinjectAníbal Limón
4 daysRevert "triggers: disable triggers for the projects storing results in qa-rep...Dan Rue
4 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge: Fix quotes in AUTOMERGE_BRANCH_FAILEDAníbal Limón
4 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge: Exit if any branch fail to mergeAníbal Limón
4 daystrigger-lt-qcom-linux-automerge.yaml: Change trigger nameAníbal Limón
4 daysAdd trigger-lt-qcom-linux-automerge.yamlAníbal Limón
4 daysjdk: Add job to clean machine of rogue processes.Stuart Monteith
4 daysjdk: Add job to clean JDK jobsStuart Monteith
4 daysandroid-lcr: fix the qa-reports group in submission scriptMilosz Wasilewski
4 daystriggers: disable triggers for the projects storing results in qa-reportsMilosz Wasilewski
4 daysmbl: remove extra tests from bananapi-zeroRyan Harkin
5 daysleg-kolla*: fix arguments in yamlMarcin Juszkiewicz
5 daysleg-kolla*: retry build/push tasks (3 times as in upstream)Marcin Juszkiewicz
5 daysleg-kolla*: use 24 threadsMarcin Juszkiewicz