AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
113 min.Revert "leg-virt-tianocore: use shallow clone for OpenSSL submodule"HEADmasterArd Biesheuvel
4 hoursopenembedded-lkft: disable timesyncd before running LTP timersMilosz Wasilewski
5 hoursopenembedded-lkft: remove cpupower explicit additionFathi Boudra
18 hoursrpb-openembedded/builders.sh: use regular image for LAVADaniel Díaz
22 hoursfix build failure and build versioningVishal Bhoj
23 hourslkft-hikey-aosp-*: fix VTS urlVishal Bhoj
23 hoursandroid-hikey-linaro-4.9-pmwg: increase tests timeoutMilosz Wasilewski
24 hourslite-openembedded-zcu102-rocko: new build jobFathi Boudra
26 hoursfixup call to unit testsNeil Williams
26 hours96boards-hikey-aosp-master: build cts with cts-lkft planVishal Bhoj
31 hoursleg-virt-tianocore: use shallow clone for OpenSSL submoduleArd Biesheuvel
32 hoursleg-virt-tianocore: update to OpenSSL git submoduleArd Biesheuvel
33 hoursopenembedded-lkft: juno: Use lava-target-storageDan Rue
48 hoursjdk: Correct jdk8u security directory under jdk9Stuart Monteith
2 daysjdk: Clean jdk directory during release build.Stuart Monteith
2 dayslt-qcom/lava-job-definitions: template-desktop.yaml non concurrent piglitAníbal Limón
2 daystcwg-gcc-patches: Fix repo handling.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2 daystcwg-gcc-patches: Use reference repo.Maxim Kuvyrkov
2 daystcwg-gcc-patches: Proof-of-concept job to test upstream patches.Maxim Kuvyrkov
3 daysrpb-debian-installer*: trigger erp-test-automationChase Qi
3 dayslkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update AOSP master imagesVishal Bhoj
3 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: fix VTS packageVishal Bhoj
3 dayslt-qcom-debian-images/builders-fai: add more kernel infoNicolas Dechesne
3 days96boards-hikey960-aosp-master: publish compressed imageVishal Bhoj
3 dayszephyr-upstream: fix directory path for test list generatingChase Qi
4 daysjdk: Fix jdk9 PUBLISH_DEST destinationStuart Monteith
4 daysandroid-hikey-linar-4.9-pmwg: add missing apt-get updateMilosz Wasilewski
4 dayserp-test-automation: schedule weekly ERP testingChase Qi
5 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: add reference build urlVishal Bhoj
5 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: add kernel repoVishal Bhoj
5 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: add kernel branchVishal Bhoj
6 daysrpb-openembedded/lava-job-definitions/db410: fix shell quotingDaniel Díaz
6 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: push token for qa-reportsVishal Bhoj
6 dayslkft-hikey-aosp-4.*: update to aosp master from 01132018Vishal Bhoj
6 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: fix apt-get repositoryVishal Bhoj
7 daysrpb-openembedded/builders.sh: Ensure that BOOT_IMG is the first entryAníbal Limón
7 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master.yaml: move pip dependencyVishal Bhoj
7 dayslite-aeolus-jerryscript: Switch back to upstream.Paul Sokolovsky
7 dayslite-aeolus-jerryscript: Add disco_l475_iot1, frdm_kw41z to build matrix.Paul Sokolovsky
7 dayslite-aeolus-micropython: Add disco_l475_iot1 to build matrix.Paul Sokolovsky
7 dayslite-aeolus-micropython: Switch to "pfalcon" branch.Paul Sokolovsky
8 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master.yaml: use xenial dockerVishal Bhoj
8 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: set ANDROID_VERSION for aosp-masterVishal Bhoj
8 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: install jinja2Vishal Bhoj
8 daysleg-kolla: remove our images after buildMarcin Juszkiewicz
8 daystemplate-vts: pass android versionVishal Bhoj
8 dayslhg-oe-build-next: disable the build and its triggerAndrey Konovalov
8 dayslkft-hikey-android-8.1-4.9.yaml: fix android version to be usedVishal Bhoj
9 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: install qa-reports dependencyVishal Bhoj
9 dayslkft-hikey-aosp-4.4: fix typo in job submission to qa-reportsVishal Bhoj