AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 hourslt-qcom: introduce bootloader job triggerHEADmasterLeonardo Sandoval
12 hourslt-qcom: introduce lt-qcom-clo-bootloader-rb5 jobLeonardo Sandoval
13 hourslt-qcom: introduce QCOM_SIGNLK_GIT parameterLeonardo Sandoval
13 hourslt-qcom: introduce lt-qcom-clo-bootloader-dragonboard845c jobLeonardo Sandoval
14 hourslt-qcom: fix builders conditionLeonardo Sandoval
16 hourslt-qcom: introduce lt-qcom-clo-bootloader-dragonboard820c jobLeonardo Sandoval
16 hourslt-qcom: include a single view for all QCLT CLO jobsLeonardo Sandoval
17 hourslt-qcom: include bootloader jobs into the qclt-clo viewLeonardo Sandoval
17 hourslt-qcom: introduce lt-qcom-clo-bootloader-dragonboard410c jobLeonardo Sandoval
25 hoursldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Build requires packaging package nowAndrew Goodbody
2 daysts: clean up build codeMaxim Uvarov
5 dayslt-qcom: authorize qcom landing team to build/cancel jobLeonardo Sandoval
5 dayslt-qcom: introduce linux-automerge-repo-manifest jobLeonardo Sandoval
5 dayslt-qcom: include extra ssh configs on staging-git.codelinaro.orgLeonardo Sandoval
5 dayslt-qcom: include a testing job for the lt-qcom-clo workLeonardo Sandoval
5 daysSE: fixup CVE summary for am64x (2nd try)Ralph Siemsen
5 daysRevert "SE: fixup CVE summary for am64x"Ralph Siemsen
6 dayslt-qcom: split host ssh configuration based on git serverLeonardo Sandoval
6 dayslt-qcom: include staging-git.codelinaro.org into qcom ssh configurationLeonardo Sandoval
6 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Fix build when nothing to upload to cacheAndrew Goodbody
6 daysSE: fixup CVE summary for am64xRalph Siemsen
6 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: no nightly in cacheMarcin Juszkiewicz
6 daysse: skip LAVA test submission for am64xRalph Siemsen
7 daysse: fix u-boot path for am64xRalph Siemsen
7 dayslt-qcom-clo: include lt-qcom-clo viewLeonardo Sandoval
7 dayslt-qcom-clo: introduce qcom-clo-linux-automerge triggerLeonardo Sandoval
7 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Make dependency fix to be more genericAndrew Goodbody
8 dayslt-qcom/meta-qcom: use per release DL_DIRNicolas Dechesne
8 daystrigger-lt-qcom-openembedded-images: add trigger for honisterNicolas Dechesne
8 dayslt-qcom-openembedded-rpb-honister: enable persistent downloads and sstateNicolas Dechesne
9 dayslt-qcom*, rpb-oe*: update email recipientsNicolas Dechesne
12 daysSE: initial support for TI AM64xx board.Ralph Siemsen
12 dayslt-qcom-clo-linux-automerge: include new clo automerge jobLeonardo Sandoval
12 daysrpb-openembedded/builders: use per release DL_DIRNicolas Dechesne
12 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge.yaml: stop reading kernel-build_result_variablesDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslt-qcom-openembedded-meta-qcom-premerge.yaml: add test builds for honisterDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge/builders-kernel.sh: Don't hardcode baseline/master br...Dmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslk-qcom-linux-automerge: move patch statistics to builders.shDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge/builders-kernel.sh: don't fail if repo url is undefinedDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslt-qcom-linux-automerge: support specifying -t to ci-mergeDmitry Baryshkov
13 dayslkft: disable the trigger for 4.X -q and -stable branchesYongqin Liu
13 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Enable ragged dispatch test that is now fixedAndrew Goodbody
14 daysrpb-openembedded/builders: add a build param to skip persistent storageNicolas Dechesne
14 dayslt-qcom-openembedded-rpb-honister: debug gnu-config-native build issueNicolas Dechesne
14 daysrpb-openembedded/builders: allow users to run pre/post commands around bitbakeNicolas Dechesne
2022-01-11ldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Add v2.8.0-rc0 as a build choiceAndrew Goodbody
2022-01-11trigger-lkft-android-common-biweekly-first.yaml: disableYongqin Liu
2022-01-10lkft: oe: Set correct priority for 5.15-rc branchDaniel Díaz
2022-01-10lkft: oe: Add build for 5.16-rc branchDaniel Díaz
2022-01-10lt-qcom-yocto-meta-qcom-master: move the trigger into the main jobNicolas Dechesne