AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-27ALIP: remove libxatrackerNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-26Support buster in savecacheRiku Voipio
2017-10-26buster: add sources.list templateRiku Voipio
2017-10-24ALIP: remove xserver-xorg-video-modesettingRiku Voipio
2017-10-24class: BUSTER: fix obs_releaseNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-20ALIP: add kmscubeNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-13fix scripts/DEBIAN/21-hostnameRiku Voipio
2017-10-1321-customize: export more kernel artifacts, and keep kernel versionNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-12listpackage: fix typoRiku Voipio
2017-10-12listpackage: use out/Riku Voipio
2017-10-12Export artifacts required by Gerrit 21755Riku Voipio
2017-10-10ALIP: add more packages to match previous ALIP imagesNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-10Add basefile savingRiku Voipio
2017-10-09Add support for DB820cNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-09no need for shredRiku Voipio
2017-10-09Merge "add non-free"Nicolas Dechesne
2017-10-09Add erroring outRiku Voipio
2017-10-09add non-freeRiku Voipio
2017-10-09Merge "Split out u-boot, copy artifacts for mkbootimage"Riku Voipio
2017-10-09Split out u-boot, copy artifacts for mkbootimageRiku Voipio
2017-10-06Fix hostname and resolvingRiku Voipio
2017-10-05Fix autologin and add READMERiku Voipio
2017-10-05Merge "package_config: remove linux-firmware-free"Fathi Boudra
2017-10-05package_config: remove linux-firmware-freeNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-05Merge "package_config: QCOM: update kernel package name"Fathi Boudra
2017-10-05.gitreview: add new fileNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-04package_config: QCOM: update kernel package nameNicolas Dechesne
2017-10-04Add gitreview to get CI startedRiku Voipio
2017-09-28case for non-u-boot imagesRiku Voipio
2017-09-28Add missing packagesRiku Voipio
2017-09-28Fix buildslinaro
2017-09-28Revert "Remove release from DEBIAN.var"Riku Voipio
2017-09-27Remove release from DEBIAN.varRiku Voipio
2017-09-18fix rootfsRiku Voipio
2017-09-18initrd neededRiku Voipio
2017-09-18correct rootfsRiku Voipio
2017-09-18correctionsRiku Voipio
2017-09-15more db410c bitsRiku Voipio
2017-09-15DB410C customizationRiku Voipio
2017-09-14where not in kansas anymoreRiku Voipio
2017-09-14import old hooksRiku Voipio
2017-09-14actually make it workRiku Voipio
2017-09-13not neededRiku Voipio
2017-09-12Initial linaro testRiku Voipio