AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-17New Dockerfiles for Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSuse for TCWG.tcwgRob Savoye
2016-06-16Initial Dockerfiles for CentOS with toolchain building dependanciesRob Savoye
2016-06-03centos-aarch64: enable and use systemd for starting servicesFathi Boudra
2016-05-26utopic-amd64-art: provide access to usb deviceVishal Bhoj
2016-05-20stretch: add initial Debian Stretch images based on Jessie configurationsFathi Boudra
2016-05-20jessie: remove PPA - not used on DebianFathi Boudra
2016-05-20jessie: replace @DISTRIBUTION@ tagFathi Boudra
2016-05-20apt-key add accepts wildcardFathi Boudra
2016-05-16trusty-*-tcwg: add packagesMaxim Kuvyrkov
2016-05-07xenial-amd64-chromium: initial image for a Chromium builderFathi Boudra
2016-05-05jessie-amd64: enable multiarch (i386)Fathi Boudra
2016-04-30utopic-amd64: add Dockerfile configurationFathi Boudra
2016-04-30Split wget command in multilines for consistencyFathi Boudra
2016-04-30standardize to use SSH username with key instead of username with passwordFathi Boudra
2016-04-29xenial: get rid of default passwordFathi Boudra
2016-04-28trusty-*-tcwg: Install mingw32. not mingw-64.Rob Savoye
2016-04-28xenial-arm*: initial Dockerfile based on wily DockerfileFathi Boudra
2016-04-28xenial-amd64: initial Dockerfile based on wily DockerfileFathi Boudra
2016-04-26trusty-*-tcwg: add mingw and wine packagesRob Savoye
2016-04-08trusty-*-tcwg: fix PAM so ssh logins work correctly.Rob Savoye
2016-03-02centos7: buildslave doesn't require ttyFathi Boudra
2016-03-02centos-aarch64: add packagesFathi Boudra
2016-02-29openjdk: add build dependenciesFathi Boudra
2016-02-25jessie-amd64: add X86_64 imageRiku Voipio
2016-02-23expose SSH portFathi Boudra
2016-02-02utopic-amd64-art: Update to latest Java8 package which fixes AOSP build failuresVishal Bhoj
2016-01-26utopic-amd64-art: fix syntax errorFathi Boudra
2016-01-25art: install open-jdk-8Vishal Bhoj
2015-11-29Use a consistent naming scheme for directoriesFathi Boudra
2015-11-29debian: add assume yes on dist-upgradeFathi Boudra
2015-11-25jessie-*: correct keyfileRiku Voipio
2015-11-20tcwg: fix broken LF lsb-setup packageFathi Boudra
2015-11-20tcwg: add numerical uid/gid explicitely for the default accountFathi Boudra
2015-11-20tcwg: add tcwg-infra groupFathi Boudra
2015-11-20tcwg: add netcat packageFathi Boudra
2015-11-19tcwg: use tcwg-buildslave as default userFathi Boudra
2015-11-19centos7: buildslave doesn't require ttyFathi Boudra
2015-11-18centos: include /etc/sudoers.d/ directoryFathi Boudra
2015-11-16trusty-i386-tcwg: use public repository for the base imageFathi Boudra
2015-11-16tcwg: run apt-get dist-upgrade non-interactivelyFathi Boudra
2015-11-16Create a 32bit Trusty image suitable for GNU toolchain building and testingRob Savoye
2015-11-12Build a Trusty images suitable for GNU toolchain building and testing.Rob Savoye
2015-11-12wily-amd64-tcwg: update packages listRob Savoye
2015-11-12wily-amd64-tcwg: update the package listRob Savoye
2015-11-11wily-amd64-tcwg: update package listFathi Boudra
2015-11-11wily-amd64-tcwg: initial Dockerfile for tcwg variantFathi Boudra
2015-11-11bootstrap: add script for base imagesFathi Boudra
2015-11-11Initial commit of Dockerfile configurations used by Linaro CIFathi Boudra