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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-13Update to 3.17-rc4Ben Hutchings
2014-07-13update to 3.16-rc4Maximilian Attems
2014-05-02Update to 3.15-rc3Ben Hutchings
2014-03-06Update to 3.14-rc5Ben Hutchings
2014-02-06Update DFSG file removal listBen Hutchings
2013-10-18Update to 3.12-rc5Ben Hutchings
2012-06-11Merge changes from sid branch of linux/linux-2.6 up to r19072Ben Hutchings
2012-06-03Rename linux-2.6 to linuxBen Hutchings
2012-06-02DFSG: video: Remove nvidiafb and rivafb (Closes: #383481)Ben Hutchings
2012-05-27DFSG: Remove the new vs6624 driver, which contains non-free firmwareBen Hutchings
2012-02-19Update to 3.3-rc4Ben Hutchings
2011-12-01rtl8192e: Remove firmware againBen Hutchings
2011-11-14Update to 3.2-rc1Ben Hutchings
2011-11-13DFSG: Remove drivers/staging/ft1000/ft1000-*/*.imgBen Hutchings
2011-06-21Remove removal of rtl8712 firmware; now removed upstreamBen Hutchings
2011-04-20Undelete drivers/staging/vt6656/firmware.cBen Hutchings
2011-04-06Update to 2.6.39-rc2Ben Hutchings
2011-03-15Remove the entire firmware directoryBen Hutchings
2011-02-16Update to 2.6.38-rc5Ben Hutchings
2011-01-10Note that we need to remove drivers/staging/ft1000/ft1000-pcmcia/boot.hBen Hutchings
2010-12-05Remove new subdirectory of firmwareBen Hutchings
2010-12-05staging: Remove firmware images from keucr and rtl8712 (leaving them broken)Ben Hutchings
2010-11-28Update to 2.6.37-rc3Ben Hutchings
2010-09-13New upstream release candidate 2.6.36-rc4Ben Hutchings
2010-07-13Update to 2.6.35-rc5; remove patches merged upstreamBen Hutchings
2010-07-04Update to upstream release candidate 2.6.35-rc3Ben Hutchings
2010-06-18[x86] Fix confusion between rtl8192u_usb and rtl8192s_usb drivers (Closes: #5...Ben Hutchings
2010-06-06Revert deletion of drivers/staging/rtl8192su/r8192SU_HWImg.c which no longer ...Ben Hutchings
2010-05-11Remove obsolete firmware-removal patchesBen Hutchings
2010-03-16Rework rtl8192su patches to avoid the need for a new orig tarballBen Hutchings
2010-03-15[x86] Enable rtl8192su driver using external firmwareBen Hutchings
2010-02-19Update firmware files to be removed from drivers/stagingBen Hutchings
2009-11-20Strip GPU firmware from tarballBen Hutchings
2009-11-04r8169: Remove firmware for RTL8168D v1 and v2 and use request_firmware() to l...Ben Hutchings
2009-11-04lgs8gxx: Remove firmware for lgs8g75 and use request_firmware() to load itBen Hutchings
2009-10-26Update to 2.6.32-rc5.Ben Hutchings
2009-08-17Do not remove slicoss firmware since it has been removed upstreamBen Hutchings
2009-08-17Remove more firmware from rtl8192suBen Hutchings
2009-08-17dvb-usb-af9005: remove firmware and disableBen Hutchings
2009-08-17ib_ipath: remove firmware for QLogic IBA7220 and use request_firmware() to lo...Ben Hutchings
2009-07-18staging has with rtl8192su another firmware blob without licenseMaximilian Attems
2009-07-15Do not remove av7110 firmware since it is DFSG-freeBen Hutchings
2009-06-28Remove PHY firmware blobs from cxgb3Ben Hutchings
2009-06-28Do not disable bnx2x as it is using request_firmware nowBen Hutchings
2009-05-09debian/patches/debian/dfsg/files-1: Add firmware/advansys.Bastian Blank
2009-04-17update to 2.6.30-rc2Maximilian Attems
2009-04-13Restore enp2611_mod as there is some accompanying source for the microcodeBen Hutchings
2009-04-13Remove microcode patches for mgsuvd (not enabled in Debian configs)Ben Hutchings
2009-04-13Extend wildcard for otus firmware (love the file versioning!)Ben Hutchings
2009-04-13Remove PHY firmware from sxg; driver is already disabledBen Hutchings