AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-18Revert "[arm64] Enable acpi-modules udeb"rpb-16.12Ricardo Salveti
2016-11-17Revert "[arm64] Include HiSilicon SATA module in udebs"Ricardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Remove scsi-extra-modules, merge with scsi-modulesRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16debian/rules: don't bail out after gencontrolRicardo Salveti use just flex instead of flex:nativeRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16Revert "debian/control: Build-Depend on a recent debhelper instead of dh-syst...Ricardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Extending config for enterpriseRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Add ThunderX nic modules in udebsRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Including missing headersRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Enable acpi-modules udebRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Include HiSilicon SAS controller drivers in udebsRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Include HiSilicon SATA module in udebsRicardo Salveti
2016-11-16[arm64] Include HiSilicon ethernet modules in udebsRicardo Salveti updating maintainer and vcs entriesRicardo Salveti
2016-11-15Switch back to gcc 4.9Ricardo Salveti
2016-11-15d/p/series: only apply debian specific patchesRicardo Salveti
2016-11-14Prepare to release linux (4.9~rc5-1~exp1).debian-masterBen Hutchings
2016-11-13w1: Disable W1_MASTER_MATROXBen Hutchings
2016-11-13Merge tag 'debian/4.8.7-1'Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13[x86] efi: Prevent mixed mode boot corruption with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK=yBen Hutchings
2016-11-13Update to 4.9-rc5Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13[amd64] Explicitly enable VMAP_STACKBen Hutchings
2016-11-13Prepare to release linux (4.8.7-1).Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13debian/control: Build-Depend on a recent debhelper instead of dh-systemdBen Hutchings
2016-11-13[arm64] Enable more drivers for X-Gene (Closes: #840061)Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13Delete some garbage from the upstream shortlog for 4.8.7Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13liblockdep-dev: Depend on same version of liblockdepBen Hutchings
2016-11-13libcpupower-dev: Depend on libcpupower1 (Closes: #840852)Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13IB: Enable INFINIBAND_RDMAVT as moduleBen Hutchings
2016-11-13Note some bug closures for 4.8.6 and 4.8.7Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13[x86] ethernet: Enable ENA_ETHERNET as moduleBen Hutchings
2016-11-13[armel] Drop versatile flavour, which has been broken since version 4.5~rc4-1...Ben Hutchings
2016-11-13tcp: Enable TCP_CONG_BBR as moduleBen Hutchings
2016-11-13Update kconfig for 4.9Ben Hutchings
2016-11-12Ignore ABI changes in Atheros wireless modulesBen Hutchings
2016-11-11Update to 4.8.7Salvatore Bonaccorso
2016-11-10kbuild: Update -fno-PIE patches to match upstreamBen Hutchings
2016-11-07linux-perf: Exclude perf-read-vdso* from shared library dependency checkBen Hutchings
2016-11-07[hppa] Update build-dependencies for 64-bit kernel (fixes FTBFS)Ben Hutchings
2016-11-06[x86] kvm: Check memopp before dereference (CVE-2016-8630)Salvatore Bonaccorso
2016-11-05[arm64] Enable VIRTUALIZATION and KVM.Aurelien Jarno
2016-11-05Enable MAC802154, IEEE802154_ADF7242, IEEE802154_AT86RF230, IEEE802154_ATUSB,...Aurelien Jarno
2016-11-04perf: Disable use of libcrypto (Closes: #843199)Ben Hutchings
2016-11-03Prepare to release linux (4.9~rc3-1~exp1).Ben Hutchings
2016-11-03[amd64] kbuild: Add -fno-PIE to scripts/gcc-x86_64-has-stack-protector.shBen Hutchings
2016-11-03debian/control: Fix build-dependency on openssl to work with new versions...Ben Hutchings
2016-11-03cpupower: Fix checks for CPU existence (Closes: #843071)Ben Hutchings
2016-11-03HID: Enable HID_ALPS, HID_ASUS (Closes: #843085), HID_CMEDIA as modulesBen Hutchings
2016-11-03Clean up kconfig using kconfigeditor2Ben Hutchings
2016-11-03Revert "Revert "Compile with gcc-6 on all architectures" and "Properly update...Ben Hutchings