AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-24LINARO: Apply kernel packaginglinaro-11.11-3.0-2glk3.0+packagingLee Jones
2011-11-08input/misc: Add regulator support to lps001wpRobert Marklund
2011-11-07ux500: Add lps001wp driver consumerRobert Marklund
2011-10-27config: minimize the defconfig againRobert Marklund
2011-10-27arm: u5500: Enable 32bpp for primary displayJayarami Reddy
2011-10-27mmc: boot partition lock supportJohan Rudholm
2011-10-27video: mcde: Remove unused MCDE auto syncMarcus Lorentzon
2011-10-27ux500: mcde: Remove unused MCDE auto syncMarcus Lorentzon
2011-10-27cg2900: Add support for 3.25 MbpsLukasz Rymanowski
2011-10-27ux500: mcde: Remove unused codeMarcus Lorentzon
2011-10-27u8500_defconfig: Enable the Cypress touchscreenAvinash A
2011-10-27touchscreen: Fix build problems in cyttsp driverRobert Marklund
2011-10-27u8500-shrm: Initiate MSR in case of serious bugArun Murthy
2011-10-27Power: ab8500_bm: Update battery capacity before notifyKalle Komierowski
2011-10-27audio: hdmi: Config changes for enabling audioShyam Krishnan M
2011-10-27mach-ux500 : Correct regulator name for cypress controllerAvinash A
2011-10-27ARM: ux500: Add missing includeJonas Aaberg
2011-10-27ARM: plat-nomadik: Add alias to clarify settingsJonas Aaberg
2011-10-27drivers: i2c: nomadik: Coding style correctionsJonas Aaberg
2011-10-27mach-ux500:u5500: Temporarily disable DMA for sdHanumath Prasad
2011-10-27dma40: Handle esram regulator in dma driverNarayanan G
2011-10-27ux500: config: Enable Sony display for u8500Jimmy Rubin
2011-10-27video: mcde: Remove sony display platform dataJimmy Rubin
2011-10-27ux500: mcde: Remove sony display data from boardJimmy Rubin
2011-10-27video: mcde: Move driver data to sony displayJimmy Rubin
2011-10-27ux500: mcde: Add correct reg id for sony displayJimmy Rubin
2011-10-27ux500: pm: Resolve compile errorJohan Rudholm
2011-10-27u5500: set SLPM for ACCUART pinsRabin Vincent
2011-10-27u5500 : check for modem_itp in mloaderBibek Basu
2011-10-27dmaengine/ste_dma40: use writel_relaxed for lcxaPer Forlin
2011-10-27u9500: fix HSI configuration to match with M7400Christophe Guibout
2011-10-27ux500: Changed fallback reboot reasonPer Fransson
2011-10-27video: mcde: Fix suspend oops in AndroidMarcus Lorentzon
2011-10-27mmc: core: Add default timeout value for CMD6Seungwon Jeon
2011-10-27ux500: pm: Nonexisting dep in KconfigJohan Rudholm
2011-10-27ux500: pm: prevent sleep during high wlan loadPer Forlin
2011-10-27hwmon: dbx500: Update to reflect new PRCMU locationChris Kimber
2011-10-27hwmon: dbx500: Automatically setup temp monitoringChris Kimber
2011-10-27cg2900: Fix Memory Leak during Driver Init.Hemant Gupta
2011-10-27mmc: mmci: Do not release spinlock in request_endUlf Hansson
2011-10-27cg2900: Use Dynamic Machine configuration.Hemant Gupta
2011-10-27mmc: core: move ->request() call from atomic contextAdrian Hunter
2011-10-27mmc: using module_param requires the inclusion of moduleparam.hStephen Rothwell
2011-10-27regulators: ab8500: Add support of low voltage batteryBengt Jonsson
2011-10-27ab8500: Separate regulator and MFD platform dataBengt Jonsson
2011-10-27mmc: add module param to set fault injection attributesPer Forlin
2011-10-27mmc: core: general purpose MMC partition support.Namjae Jeon
2011-10-27USB:Interface Association Descriptors added to ECMThirupathi Chippakurthy
2011-10-27mmc: block: support no access to boot partitionsAdrian Hunter
2011-10-27mmc: core: eMMC 4.5 Power Class Selection FeatureGirish K S