AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-10snowball: Adding support for ecryptfsHEAD2011.11masterMathieu J. Poirier
2011-11-03Enable kernel options for /proc/config.gzFrans Gifford
2011-10-18Enabling snowball kernel config for UVC based camera2011.10Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-10-18Adding snowball kernel config` for gatorMathieu J. Poirier
2011-08-19Temporary fix to bypass mmc card discovery problem2011.09Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-08-15Snowball: Change initial GPIO26 directionFrans Gifford
2011-07-29Merge branch 'master' of git://git.linaro.org/bsp/st-ericsson/linux-3.0-andro...Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-07-29ALK3.0-linaro - Changing default pixel format from RGB888 to RGB565.Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-07-26Changing default pixel format from RGB888 to RGB565.Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-07-26Apply mega patch to make GLK the ALKLee Jones
2011-07-22gpio: nomadik: Rename AB8500_GPIO by GPIO_AB8500Philippe Langlais
2011-07-22Correcting machine name for proper parsing in Android's init.Mathieu J. Poirier
2011-07-22USB:Enable GPIO configuration at connectSakethram Bommisetti
2011-07-22ux500: regulator: fix regulator for AV8100 HDMI FBPhilippe Langlais
2011-07-22ux500: Set VMALLOC_END to the highest possible valuePhilippe Langlais
2011-07-22ux500: config: Align u8500_defconfig with u5500+u8500 default configsPhilippe Langlais
2011-07-22u5500: mmio: fix after move of mmio.h from include/linux to staging directoryPhilippe Langlais
2011-07-22mach-ux500: Align ux500 platform files with previous 2.6.35 onesPhilippe Langlais
2011-07-22video: mcde: Add fake color map functionalityRobert Fekete
2011-07-22ux500: hdmi: Fix regulator regressionPhilippe Langlais
2011-07-22mfd: ab5500 - maintain proper ordering of the deviceidArun Murthy
2011-07-22regulators: Remove force of VextSupplies on AB 3.xBengt Jonsson
2011-07-22U8500: change GPIO for SIM activity detection driverBibek Basu
2011-07-22video: mcde: DSI link wait for csm_runningAnders Bauer
2011-07-22u5500: allow SUSPEND_STANDBY and CPUIDLE to be enabledRabin Vincent
2011-07-22u5500: ensure AB<->PRCMU pins don't change with IOFORCERabin Vincent
2011-07-22crypto: ux500: hash: HMAC (sha1/sha256) supportBerne Hebark
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: Suspend works independentlyRickard Andersson
2011-07-22video: mcde: Add Fictive displayPer Persson
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: pm: Use relaxed read/write for gicJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22ARM: u8500: Remove SVP supportJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: Remove u8500 ED and V1 supportJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22b2r2: Correct support for 24/32bit (A)YUV(8)888Maciej Socha
2011-07-22power: ab5500-btemp: do not measure temp if battery is unknownArun Murthy
2011-07-22mach-ux500: Add GPIO pin config for modem uartSesahgiri.Holi
2011-07-22u5500: pm: check for TPIU clock before context save/restoreRabin Vincent
2011-07-22u8500 : dont make SIM detect driver enable by defaultBibek Basu
2011-07-22Ux500 ASoC:DistortionNoise fix for underrun AB5500Shyam Krishnan M
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Tiny code clean-upJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Fix build warningJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: Add platform data for prcmu watchdogJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22Ux500 ASoC: Fix ALSA-controls for sidetone FIROla Lilja
2011-07-22drivers: watchdog: Add ux500-watchdog driverJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: hwreg: Tiny code clean-upJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22ARM: ux500: mmio: Correct disable mode gpio configRajat Verma
2011-07-22mfd: ab5500-gpadc: Discard adc converted value if < 5Arun Murthy
2011-07-22arm: ux500: Added mode handling of VintcoreBengt Jonsson
2011-07-22staging: mmio: enable extended DDR usageRajat Verma
2011-07-22ARM: u8500: dma: Remove V1 supportJonas Aaberg
2011-07-22power: u5500: Fix and activate Battery Management for U5500Philippe Langlais