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2009-03-27cfg80211: remove code about country IE support with OLD_REGLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-27cfg80211: make regdom module parameter available oustide of OLD_REGLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-27cfg80211: fix incorrect assumption on last_request for 11dLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-27cfg80211: force last_request to be set for OLD_REG if regdom is EULuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-16cfg80211: add regulatory netlink multicast groupLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-16cfg80211: move enum reg_set_by to nl80211.hLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-16cfg80211: remove REGDOM_SET_BY_INITLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-16cfg80211: fix max tx power for world regdom on 5 GHz to 20dBmLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-16cfg80211: Enable passive scan on channels 12-14 for world roamingLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-03-10Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/ne...David S. Miller
2009-03-06cfg80211: test before subtraction on unsignedRoel Kluin
2009-02-27cfg80211: pass the regulatory_request to ignore_requestLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: do not kzalloc() again for a new request on __regulatory_hintLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: pass the regulatory_request struct in __regulatory_hint()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: make __regulatory_hint() staticLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: Add AP beacon regulatory hintsLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: enable 5 GHz world roaming channelsLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: enable active-scan / beaconing on Ch 1-11 for world regdomLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: rename regdom_changed to regdom_changes() and use itLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: allow drivers that agree on regulatory to agreeLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: comments style cleanupLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: move all regulatory hints to workqueueLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: free rd on unlikely event on 11d hintLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: remove likely from an 11d hint caseLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: protect first access of last_request on 11d hint under mutexLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: make regulatory_request use wiphy_idx instead of wiphyLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: add assert_cfg80211_lock() to ensure proper protectionLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: propagate -ENOMEM during regulatory_init()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: add regulatory_hint_core() to separate the core reg hintLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-27cfg80211: rename cfg80211_drv_mutex to cfg80211_mutexLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-09cfg80211: add get reg commandLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-02-03Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linvil...David S. Miller
2009-01-29cfg80211: allow users to help a driver's complianceLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: Allow for strict regulatory settingsLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: pass more detailed regulatory request information on reg_notifier()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: move check for ignore_reg_update() on wiphy_update_regulatory()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: rename fw_handles_regulatory to custom_regulatoryLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: ignore consecutive equal regulatory hintsLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: process user requests only after previous user/driver/core requestsLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: export freq_reg_info()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: add wiphy_apply_custom_regulatory()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: fix typo on message after intersectionLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: allow multiple driver regulatory_hints()Luis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: call reg_notifier() onceLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: print correct intersected regulatory domainLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-29cfg80211: Fix sanity check on 5 GHz when processing country IELuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-16cfg80211: Fix parsed country IE info for 5 GHzLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-16cfg80211: Fix regression with 11d on bandsLuis R. Rodriguez
2009-01-16cfg80211: make handle_band() and handle_channel() wiphy specificLuis R. Rodriguez
2008-12-05cfg80211: "fix" 11d oopsJohannes Berg