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2008-08-17pkt_sched: Simplify dev_deactivate() polling loop.David S. Miller
2008-08-17pkt_sched: Add 'deactivated' state.David S. Miller
2008-08-14pkt_sched: Fix unlocking in tc_ctl_tfilter()Jarek Poplawski
2008-08-13pkt_sched: Fix queue quiescence testing in dev_deactivate().David S. Miller
2008-08-13pkt_sched: Fix oops in htb_delete.Jarek Poplawski
2008-08-13net-sched: fix Action flushing return codeJamal Hadi Salim
2008-08-13net-sched: Fix actions flushingJamal Hadi Salim
2008-08-11pkt_sched: Add BH protection for qdisc_stab_lock.Jarek Poplawski
2008-08-08pkt_sched: Fix ingress deletion and filter attachment.David S. Miller
2008-08-07pkt_sched: Fix actions referencingJamal Hadi Salim
2008-08-07pkt_sched: Fix qdisc config when link is down.David S. Miller
2008-08-06pkt_sched: Fix "parent is root" test in qdisc_create().David S. Miller
2008-08-04net_sched: Add qdisc __NET_XMIT_BYPASS flagJarek Poplawski
2008-08-04net_sched: Add qdisc __NET_XMIT_STOLEN flagJarek Poplawski
2008-08-02pkt_sched: Use qdisc_lock() on already sampled root qdisc.David S. Miller
2008-07-31netdev: Fix lockdep warnings in multiqueue configurations.David S. Miller
2008-07-30pkt_sched: Fix OOPS on ingress qdisc add.David S. Miller
2008-07-26Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vir...Linus Torvalds
2008-07-26[PATCH] f_count may wrap aroundAl Viro
2008-07-26Revert "pkt_sched: sch_sfq: dump a real number of flows"David S. Miller
2008-07-25net: convert BUG_TRAP to generic WARN_ONIlpo Järvinen
2008-07-25pkt_sched: Fix locking in shutdown_scheduler_queue()David S. Miller
2008-07-23pkt_sched: sch_sfq: dump a real number of flowsJarek Poplawski
2008-07-22pkt_sched: make qdisc_class_hash_alloc() staticAdrian Bunk
2008-07-21net: Print the module name as part of the watchdog messageArjan van de Ven
2008-07-21Revert "pkt_sched: Make default qdisc nonshared-multiqueue safe."David S. Miller
2008-07-21pkt_sched: Remove unused variable skb in dev_deactivate_queue function.Daniel Lezcano
2008-07-20pkt_sched: Fix build with NET_SCHED disabled.David S. Miller
2008-07-20net_sched: Add size table for qdiscsJussi Kivilinna
2008-07-20net_sched: Add accessor function for packet length for qdiscsJussi Kivilinna
2008-07-20net_sched: Add qdisc_enqueue wrapperJussi Kivilinna
2008-07-18pkt_sched: Fix noqueue_qdisc initialization.David S. Miller
2008-07-18pkt_sched: Manage qdisc list inside of root qdisc.David S. Miller
2008-07-18pkt_sched: Get rid of u32_list.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Make default qdisc nonshared-multiqueue safe.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Add multiqueue handling to qdisc_graft().David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Kill netdev_queue lock.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Kill qdisc_lock_tree and qdisc_unlock_tree.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Make qdisc grafting locking more specific.David S. Miller
2008-07-17netdevice: Move qdisc_list back into net_device proper.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Kill qdisc_lock_tree usage in cls_route.cDavid S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Remove qdisc_lock_tree usage in cls_api.cDavid S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Use per-queue locking in shutdown_scheduler_queue.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Perform bulk of qdisc destruction in RCU.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: dev_init_scheduler() does not need to lock qdisc tree.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Schedule qdiscs instead of netdev_queue.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Add and use qdisc_root() and qdisc_root_lock().David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Make QDISC_RUNNING a qdisc state.David S. Miller
2008-07-17pkt_sched: Move gso_skb into Qdisc.David S. Miller
2008-07-17net: Use queue aware tests throughout.David S. Miller