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2011-06-29power: abx500-chargalg: charging algorithmArun Murthy
2011-06-29power: ab5500-charger: ab5500 usb charger driverArun Murthy
2011-06-29mfd: ab5500 - update with battery driver related stuffArun Murthy
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Add support for CIQ L2Mux channelKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29lib: add kstrto*_from_user()Alexey Dobriyan
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Move shrm to drivers/modemKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29drivers: Add Modem Access FrameworkKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29u5500: leds: lm3530: calibrate ALS input voltageShreshtha Kumar Sahu
2011-06-29power: remove charger from ab8500 structMattias Wallin
2011-06-17Imaging : Camera : Adding Support for U5500 Camera BoardPhilippe Langlais
2011-06-17ARM: ux500: flash: put driver code into stagingPhilippe Langlais
2011-06-17ux500: Put NMF/CM driver in kernel source treePhilippe Langlais
2011-06-17ux500: STE camera IO driver code in stagingPhilippe Langlais
2011-06-17video: hdmi: Correct hdcp acc to documentationPer Persson
2011-06-17mfd: ab8500_gpadc: Raw ADC value converted twiceKalle Komierowski
2011-06-17video: mcde: add support for generic write commandsAnders Bauer
2011-06-17AB8500: Export all AB8500 ADCs as debugfs nodesJohn Beckett
2011-06-17ab8500-gpio: Allow initial configuration of GPIO registersChris Kimber
2011-06-17video: mcde: Support YUV 422 overlay pixel formatMarcel Tunnissen
2011-06-17lsm303dlh: add DocBook documentationChethan Krishna N
2011-06-17AB5500: AB5500 Analog to Digital conversion driverVijaya Kumar Kilari
2011-06-17video: mcde: Add dss overlay infoEmeric Vigier
2011-06-17kernel-doc: fix kernel-doc warningsom prakash
2011-06-17caif: Use rcu_read_lock in CAIF mux layer.sjur.brandeland@stericsson.com
2011-06-17caif: remove unesesarry exportssjur.brandeland@stericsson.com
2011-06-17caif: Protected in-flight packets using dev or sock refcont.sjur.brandeland@stericsson.com
2011-06-17caif: Move refcount from service layer to sock and dev.sjur.brandeland@stericsson.com
2011-06-17u5500: support RTC_CLK1/2Rabin Vincent
2011-06-17video: mcde: Add mutex in dssJimmy Rubin
2011-06-14input/misc: added lps001wp as internally delivered by STAlessandro Rubini
2011-06-10CG2900 FM radio: Add support for Tone Gen and De-emphasis.kumarp
2011-06-09ux500-ASoC: Update ux500 driver to use dmaengineRobert Marklund
2011-06-09mfd: abx500: Move ab5500 includeRobert Marklund
2011-06-09sound: soc: ux500: Fix merge problemsRobert Marklund
2011-05-27serial: pl011: Fix enable of pinsRobert Marklund
2011-05-26Merge commit 'linaro-11.05-2.6.38' into ste-dev-master-2.6.38-genericPhilippe Langlais
2011-05-22Merge commit 'v2.6.38.7' into linaro-2.6.38Nicolas Pitre
2011-05-21Revert "mmc: fix a race between card-detect rescan and clock-gate work instan...Chris Ball
2011-05-21mm: use alloc_bootmem_node_nopanic() on really needed pathYinghai Lu
2011-05-21Don't lock guardpage if the stack is growing upMikulas Patocka
2011-05-21drm/radeon/kms: fix gart setup on fusion parts (v2) backportAlex Deucher
2011-05-21ptrace: Prepare to fix racy accesses on task breakpointsFrederic Weisbecker
2011-05-18U5500 : Update of ab5500 plaftorm data structurePhilippe Langlais
2011-05-18ab5500: leds: driver for ab5500 ledsShreshtha Kumar Sahu
2011-05-18TEE: Added TEE kernel interfaceMartin Hovang
2011-05-18ab5500: provide a driver for power offRabin Vincent
2011-05-18video: mcde: Add tripple buffer supportPhilippe Langlais
2011-05-18CAIF: Alignment with internal CAIF development gitPhilippe Langlais
2011-05-18ab5500: placeholder to pass devices platform dataPhilippe Langlais
2011-05-18video: av8100: Add HDMI support for U5500Philippe Langlais