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2011-05-09USB: fix regression in usbip by setting has_tt flagAlan Stern
2011-04-14staging: IIO: IMU: ADIS16400: Make sure only enabled scan_elements are pushed...Michael Hennerich
2011-04-14staging: IIO: IMU: ADIS16400: Fix addresses of GYRO and ACCEL calibration offsetMichael Hennerich
2011-04-14staging: IIO: IMU: ADIS16400: Add delay after self testMichael Hennerich
2011-04-14staging: IIO: IMU: ADIS16400: Fix up SPI messages cs_change behaviorMichael Hennerich
2011-04-14staging: hv: Fix GARP not sent after Quick MigrationHaiyang Zhang
2011-04-14staging: hv: use sync_bitops when interacting with the hypervisorOlaf Hering
2011-04-14staging: usbip: bugfix for isochronous packets and optimizationArjan Mels
2011-04-14staging: usbip: bugfix add number of packets for isochronous framesArjan Mels
2011-04-14staging: usbip: bugfixes related to kthread conversionArjan Mels
2011-03-23staging: tidspbridge: protect dmm_map properlyFelipe Contreras
2011-03-23staging: winbond: needs <linux/delay.h> for msleep and friendsJeff Mahoney
2011-02-10Merge branch 'staging-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2011-02-09staging: zram: fix data corruption issueNitin Gupta
2011-02-09Staging: Comedi: Fix a few NI module dependenciesIan Abbott
2011-02-09Staging: comedi: Add MODULE_LICENSE and similar to NI modulesIan Abbott
2011-02-02Merge branch 'media_fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/m...Linus Torvalds
2011-02-02staging: brcm80211: bugfix for softmac crash on multi cpu configurationsRoland Vossen
2011-02-02staging: sst: Fix for dmic capture on v2 pmicHarsha Priya
2011-02-02staging: hv: Enable sending GARP packet after live migrationHaiyang Zhang
2011-02-01Merge branch 'staging-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2011-01-31[media] lirc_zilog: z8 on usb doesn't like back-to-back i2c_master_sendJarod Wilson
2011-01-31Merge branch 'zerolen' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jgarz...Linus Torvalds
2011-01-28Delete zero-length drivers/staging/vme/bridges/Module.symversJeff Garzik
2011-01-26console: rename acquire/release_console_sem() to console_lock/unlock()Torben Hohn
2011-01-25staging: r8712u: Add new device IDsAxel Köllhofer
2011-01-22staging: brcm80211: fix suspend/resume issue in brcmsmacArend van Spriel
2011-01-22staging: brcm80211: remove assert to avoid panic since 2.6.37 kernelArend van Spriel
2011-01-22Staging: iio: Aditional fixpoint formatted output bugfixRoland Stigge
2011-01-20staging: usbip: vhci: use urb->dev->portnum to find portMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: usbip: vhci: handle EAGAIN from SO_RCVTIMEOMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: usbip: vhci: friendly log messages for connection errorsMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: usbip: vhci: refuse to enqueue for dead connectionsMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: usbip: vhci: give back URBs from in-flight unlink requestsMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: usbip: vhci: update reference count for usb_deviceMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: usbip: stub: update refcounts for devices and interfacesMax Vozeler
2011-01-20staging: tidspbridge: replace mbox callback with notifier_callOmar Ramirez Luna
2011-01-20staging: comedi: ni_labpc: Use shared IRQ for PCMCIA cardIan Abbott
2011-01-20Staging: speakup: &&/|| confusion in silent_store()roel kluin
2011-01-20iio: Fixpoint formatted output bugfixRoland Stigge
2011-01-20staging: rt2860: Fix incorrect netif_stop_queue usage warningDenis Kirjanov
2011-01-20staging: r8712u: Fix memory leak in firmware loadingLarry Finger
2011-01-20staging: tidspbridge: configure full L1 MMU rangeGuzman Lugo, Fernando
2011-01-20staging: rt2870sta: Add ID for Linksys WUSB100v2Larry Finger
2011-01-20Staging: xgfib: put parenthesis in the right placeDan Carpenter
2011-01-20Staging: ste_rmi4: use after input_unregister_device()Dan Carpenter
2011-01-20Staging: ath6kl: fix potential buffer overflowPhillip Simbwa
2011-01-20staging: hv: Removed unneeded call to netif_stop_queue() in hv_netvscHank Janssen
2011-01-20staging: hv: fix netvsc sleeping while atomicTimo Teräs
2011-01-20Staging: hv: fix sysfs symlink on hv block deviceKy Srinivasan