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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-05-21thinkpad-acpi: module autoloading for newer Lenovo ThinkPads.Manoj Iyer
2011-05-02ideapad: read brightness setting on brightness key notifyIke Panhc
2011-04-14acer-wmi: does not set persistence state by rfkill_init_sw_stateChun-Yi Lee
2011-02-21dell-laptop: Toggle the unsupported hardware killswitchKeng-Yu Lin
2011-02-21thinkpad_acpi: Always report scancodes for hotkeysSeth Forshee
2011-02-21acer-wmi: Fix capitalisation of GUIDMatthew Garrett
2011-02-21platform/x86: ideapad-laptop depends on INPUTRandy Dunlap
2011-02-21platform: x86: acer-wmi: world-writable sysfs threeg fileVasiliy Kulikov
2011-02-21platform: x86: asus_acpi: world-writable procfs filesVasiliy Kulikov
2011-02-21platform: x86: tc1100-wmi: world-writable sysfs wireless and jogdial filesVasiliy Kulikov
2011-02-21platform-drivers: x86: pmic: Use request_irq instead of chained handlerThomas Gleixner
2011-02-07platform-drivers: x86: pmic: Use irq_chip buslock mechanismThomas Gleixner
2011-02-07platform-drivers: x86: Convert pmic to new irq_chip functionsThomas Gleixner
2011-02-07platform-drivers: x86: pmic: Fix up bogus irq hackeryThomas Gleixner
2011-01-31intel_scu_ipc: remove duplicated #includeHuang Weiyi
2011-01-26intel_scu_ipcutils: Fix the license tagAlan Cox
2011-01-26intel_scu_ipc: fix signedness bugAxel Lin
2011-01-13Merge branch 'release' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/lenb/...Linus Torvalds
2011-01-13Merge branch 'for-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jiko...Linus Torvalds
2011-01-12Platform / x86: Make fujitsu_laptop use acpi_bus_update_power()Rafael J. Wysocki
2011-01-10sony-laptop: support new hotkeys on the P, Z and EC seriesMattia Dongili
2011-01-10platform/x86: Consistently select LEDS Kconfig optionsMark Brown
2011-01-10sony-laptop: fix sparse non-ANSI function warningRandy Dunlap
2011-01-10intel_ips: fix sparse non-ANSI function warningRandy Dunlap
2011-01-07Support KHLB2 in the compal laptop driverAlbert Astals Cid
2011-01-07acer-wmi: Enabled Acer Launch Manager modeFrom: Lee, Chun-Yi
2011-01-07[PATCH] intel_pmic_gpio: modify EOI handling following change of kernel irq s...Feng Tang
2011-01-07ACPI Thinkpad: We must always call va_end() after va_start() but do not do so...Jesper Juhl
2011-01-07acer-wmi: Initialize wlan/bluetooth/wwan rfkill software block stateLee, Chun-Yi
2011-01-07acer-wmi: Detect the WiFi/Bluetooth/3G devices availableLee, Chun-Yi
2011-01-07acer-wmi: Add 3G rfkill sysfs fileLee, Chun-Yi
2011-01-07acer-wmi: Add acer wmi hotkey events supportLee, Chun-Yi
2011-01-07platform/x86: Kconfig: Replace select by depends on ACPI_WMISedat Dilek
2011-01-07ideapad: pass ideapad_priv as argument (part 2)Ike Panhc
2011-01-07ideapad: pass ideapad_priv as argument (part 1)Ike Panhc
2011-01-07ideapad: add markups, unify comments and return result when initIke Panhc
2011-01-07ideapad: add hotkey supportIke Panhc
2011-01-07ideapad: let camera power control entry under platform driverIke Panhc
2011-01-07ideapad: add platform driver for ideapadIke Panhc
2011-01-07fujitsu-laptop: fix compiler warning on pnp_idsNamhyung Kim
2011-01-07WMI: return error if wmi_create_device() failsDan Carpenter
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: never load if legacy device is enabledCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-laptop: add a getter for touchpad ledCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: remove unneeded staticCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: claim eeepc-wmi maintainershipCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: fix confusion between ctrl_param and retvalCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: add debugfs entriesCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: use attribute group to manage attributesCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: add rfkill support for wlan, bluetooth and 3gCorentin Chary
2011-01-07eeepc-wmi: add touchpad led supportCorentin Chary