path: root/drivers/media/video/gspca/sonixj.c
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2011-01-19[media] gspca - sonixj: Add LED (illuminator) control to the webcam 0c45:614aJean-François Moine
2011-01-19[media] gspca - sonixj: Infrared bug fix and enhancementJean-François Moine
2011-01-19[media] gspca: Remove __devinit, __devinitconst and __devinitdataJean-François Moine
2011-01-19[media] gspca_sonixj: Add one more commented out usb-idHans de Goede
2011-01-19[media] gspca_sonixj: Probe sensor type independent of bridge typeHans de Goede
2011-01-19[media] gspca_sonixj: Enable more usb ids when sn9c102 gets compiled tooHans de Goede
2010-12-29[media] gspca - sonixj: Bad clock for om6802 in 640x480Jean-François Moine
2010-12-29[media] gspca - sonixj: Simplify and clarify the hv7131r probe functionJean-François Moine
2010-12-17[media] gspca - sonixj: Better handling of the bridge registers 0x01 and 0x17Jean-Francois Moine
2010-12-17[media] gspca - sonixj: Add the bit definitions of the bridge reg 0x01 and 0x17Jean-Francois Moine
2010-12-17[media] gspca - sonixj: Set the flag for some devicesJean-Francois Moine
2010-12-17[media] gspca - sonixj: Add a flag in the driver_info tableJean-Francois Moine
2010-12-17[media] gspca - sonixj: Fix a bad probe exchangeJean-Francois Moine
2010-12-17[media] gspca - sonixj: Move bridge init to sd startJean-Francois Moine
2010-10-21[media] gspca: Fix coding style issuesJean-François Moine
2010-10-21[media] gspca - sonixj: Add horizontal and vertical flip for po2030nNémeth Márton
2010-10-21[media] gspca - sonixj: Remove magic numbers for delayNémeth Márton
2010-10-21[media] gspca - sonixj: Fix a regression with sensor hv7131rJean-François Moine
2010-10-21[media] gspca - sonixj: Fix a regression of sensors hv7131r and mi0360Jean-François Moine
2010-10-21[media] gspca - sonixj: Use the new video control mechanismJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Have 0c45:6130 handled by sonixj instead of sn9c102Jean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Bad detection of the end of imageJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add sensor mi0360bJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - many subdrivers: Handle the buttons when CONFIG_INPUT=mJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Propagate USB errors to higher levelJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add webcam 0c45:612bAlexander Goncharov
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Webcam 0c45:6102 addedJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - all modules: Display error messages when gspca debug disabledJean-François Moine
2010-10-21V4L/DVB: gspca - all modules: Remove useless module load/unload messagesJean-François Moine
2010-08-08V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj / sq930x / t613: Remove unused variable in struct sdJean-François Moine
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Do the audio input work for webcams with a microphoneJean-François Moine
2010-08-02V4L/DVB: gspca: Remove/move useless inclusions of slab.hJean-François Moine
2010-06-01V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add webcam 0c45:60ceWarren Bosworth Focke
2010-06-01V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add information about some potential JPEG webcamsJean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add sensor soi768Jean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Reset the bridge after sensor probeJean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Adjust minor values of sensor ov7630. - set the col...Jean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Set the colors at startup timeJean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Adjust debug output. - fix bad function name - add...Jean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Split the init sequence of sensor ov7630Jean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add autogain for sensor gc0307Jean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Let the JPEG header in the deviceJean-François Moine
2010-05-19V4L/DVB: gspca: Change some copyrights and module authorsJean-François Moine
2010-05-18V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add webcam 0c45:6142 with sensors gc0307 and po2030nJean-François Moine
2010-05-18V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: More static const and better array initializationJean-François Moine
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-02-26V4L/DVB: gspca_sonixj: Add camera button supportHans de Goede
2010-02-26V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Set the vertical flip at capture start for all sensorsJean-François Moine
2010-02-26V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add vertical flip control for sensor hv7131rJean-François Moine
2010-02-26V4L/DVB (13927): gspca - sonixj: Fix bad video mode for all webcams.Jean-Francois Moine